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I Have A Question About Diavision By Sarin? & Cut Quality?


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It will show you how close to Towlkowsky proportions the diamond has been cut. This will give you the external proportions but give you no information on light refraction or face up appearance.

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I recently purchased the GIA DiamondDock in hopes that it would shed some light on cut quality. I found that it was not very useful as far as color grading, or cut quality in regards to: sparkle, brilliance, scintillation, and fire. I find for color grading that my 40watt daylight fluorescent bulbs and a white business card work just fine. What do you guys think about the ideal-scope, and having a hearts and arrows Triple X GIA graded stone for comparison purposes on hand at all times.


Regards Ron

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Hi Ron,


Polish you do with your loupe or your microscope.

Symmetry you do with your loupe or your microscope.


The diamond dock doesn't address either of these. It's a standardized sort of environment for looking at and comparing stones but it's not a grading tool for ANY of the things you're asking about.


It gets further complicated because neither the GIA or AGS cut grading scales include a measure for any of sparkle, brilliance, scintillation or fire. There is no standardized scale used for these things.


Idealscopes take a bit of practice and they don't give a terribly complete picture but they're cheap, fast and handy. If only for your own education I would pick one up. The AGS ASET scopes are easier to explain to clients, easier to train workers to use, easier to take pictures through and, overall, I think a bit better for evaluating stones but it depends on what you're trying to do. They're quite a bit more money. Can I presume you're a dealer? Can you tell a little more about what you're hoping to accomplish? Are you looking to 'certify' stones, produce advertising materials, set prices, track specific stones or something else entirely?


FWIW, I love my Sarin. I've been a loyal Sarin customer for close to 20 years now. I still haven't sprung for a diamond dock. That said, they're decidedly pricey and consequently not a tool for amateurs.


Be aware for color grading that daylight bulbs deterioriate over time and not all business cards are the same, especially with regard to fluorescence. When the card gets dirty and you get another one, you may have injected a variable without even knowing it. It's easy for your standards to drift if you're not careful. That said, within limits of standardizing as much as you can, that's a fine way to grade color and it's what nearly everyone in the industry does.

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