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1.2 Carat Diamond-Need Your Opinion


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I'm looking at this diamond but am not sure if this is a good buy. This diamond is from a repuatable online saler but the bad thing about online purchase is that I cannot see the diamond in person. Your opinions is appreciated!

Price: $6700

1.2 carat, ideal, color I, SI1

depth 61.9%

table: 57%

polish and symmetry: excellent




measure: 6.86*6.82*4.2


this is from GIA report. I'm concerned about fluoescence- it says faint but I'm not sure if it's faint blue or some other colour. The color grade for this diamond is I -not that high- so not sure if this will make the stone looks 'yellow'


The clarity is SI1- I looked at the diagram and it does not show anything (no pinpoints no needles no crytals- nothing shown); but there's comments in the reports saying that clarity is based on clouds not shown. I'm not sure about how 'serious' those clouds looks and if it will impact the beauty of the diamond..

Any opinions?

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Fluorescence: if colour is not specified is because it cannot be identified with any certainty. It's not an issue.


Colour is a very personal choice. A 1.20 I may show a little colour through the side, but if well cut it will appear white from above. You haven't given us enough information to even guess whether it is well cut or not.


Clarity: unlikely to be an issue. The cloud (or clouds) are probably very large and diffused, and plotting them on the diagram would not help in location/identification. The proof of this particular pudding is in the seeing...


Buying online: look at it this way: you are buying an option to buy the diamond for the cost of shipping. You haven't bought anything until you decide to keep it - all reputable online retailers have decent return policies.

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The cutting grade for this stone is ideal.

Um, no, it isn't. GIA does not use the word "ideal" anywhere on its reports, so at this point you are relying on the vendor's word. It may be reliable or not, but I have no elements to trust it. Perhaps you do.


Someone told me that a diamond needs to be at least 1 carat, ideal cutting, color G and clarity VS2 to keep value (good investment)...is this true? Thanks for your quick response.

No it isn't. As Neil says, diamonds are a poor investment in the vast majority of cases. Those that aren't require considerable capital to acquire (order of millions $) and are extremely illiquid and risky anyway.
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