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Jared Didn't Pay

Richard Lanni

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A Jared location here in Oviedo Florida advertised for a bench jeweler and I applied. They gave me a bunch of customers work to do and I worked for hours, then was told they wouldn't pay because it was a "bench test". This was a rip off of the first magnitude! I've been in the jewelry business for over 20 years so I know what I'm doing, but they wanted free labor. They have advertised again in craigslist, this time to train a jeweler, but will no doubt screw applicants who apply out of their pay. This is a warning to any jewelers who apply to Jareds for work. Don't let them hand you customers work (which they get paid to do) and not pay you for fixing it. Tell Rubin that your "bench test" that makes a profit for Jared must be compensated.

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I don't know Florida law but lots of states have 'wage and hour' laws that include discussion of these things. I must sat that I would be nervous as a customer about this sort of thing too. I would not want a store using the repairs on MY treasures as a test for prospective employees. :huh:


Best of luck finding a new job. In the end you aren't out much more than a few hours and it sounds like you dodged a bullet. You don't want to work there anyway.

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