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Need Help On Egl Round Diamond


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I am currently searching for a diamond. I went the jewler that my family has been using for years, and from what i can see, and know how happy my mother is, they have never steered my dad wrong. That being said, I feel I can get an honest professional opinon from them, that isnt a true sales pitch, if that makes sense? The place has also been in business longer than I can even figure out, so they are a reputable jewler.


Here are the specs from the EGL International certificate:


Shape & Cut - Round Brilliant

Carat Weight - 1.52 ct

Color Grade - G

Clairty Grade - VS2

Cut Grade - Excellent


Measuments - 7.36 - 7.31 x 4.56 mm

Polish - Excellent

Symmetry - Excellent

Flourescence - None


There is nothing showing in the Clarity Representation.



Table width - 58%

Crown Height - 15%

Pavillion Height - 44%

Total Depth 62.6%

Medium, Faceted


The brightness, fire, and scintillation are all excellent also.

Also states that it has 8 hearts and 8 arrows


They are asking $13,500 for this diamond. Any insight people can offer is greatly appreciated!



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The database here contains offers for 90 stones 1.50-1.55/EGL/G/VS2 that range from $7400 to just over $19,000. That's a big range. How your's fits into that depends on details that aren't present, in particular the grading accuracy on that particular stone. This is 100% based on the advice from the jeweler so we're now talking about the merits of the jeweler more than we're talking about the merits of the stone. That's for you to decide, and there's quite a bit of money riding on the answer. They've got a long history and good endorsements, which is a really good place to start. If you want to take it a step further, consider getting the stone appraised by an independent hired by YOU, not them, or consider asking them to have it graded by GIA or AGSL and then make your decision based on THAT report.

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Offer the jeweler this:


He sends it to GIA or AGSL as you wish (AGSL is faster but GIA is GIA). If it comes back as described, you'll buy the stone, pay all lab fees, all shipping and insurance costs, and an extra $100 for 'handling'. If it comes back less, the deal is off and HE pays all of the fees. He's still welcome to offer you the stone based on the correct grading and you can buy it or not as you wish but there's no obligation on either one of you.


Sound fair? If he/she trusts the grading then they have nothing to lose and a big sale to gain. If they don't trust their own grader, why should you?

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Yes. And I think it's highly unlikely he'll accept (because I think he KNOWS that it's not correctly graded), but it's a fine way to start the conversation about the topic. It's a big big deal and you have nothing but his word to go on here. That may be enough, that's up to you, but if he's pointing at the lab docs and calling it 'certified' as if that answered the question, you are being misled. It's easy to buy a 1.52/EGL/G/VS2 for thousands less than that and there are dozens of offers to choose from a click away. I certainly don't claim that the cheapest one is likely to be the best, in fact it's almost certainly a dog, and yours may very well be a great stone for a fair price, but the burden is on the seller to convince you of this. You haven't learned nearly as much from EGLI as you think you have. If GIA calls it G/VS2/xxx, it's a great price. If GIA calls it a J/SI2 then not so much. Tiny details matter a lot in this business.

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...and GIA is much more likely to call it a J/SI2 than a G/VS2. Bear in mind that - even at "rush" fees (2x price of normal service), the cost of shipping, insuring, grading and "handling" is about $500. The GIA 1.5x G/VS2 price range is $21k to $12k - if I could gain $2-5k for an expense of $500, I think I would. The difference in price is never because of the lab chosen; it's always because of the intrinsic characteristics of the stone.

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Ask them to quote you a stone with a GIA lab report. That way you will know the color and clarity are correct. EGL grading is just way to far off to make an informed decision. Also if you are going to pay for a 1.50 ct. range look for a stone more in the 7.5 mm range. That way you won't be paying for extra fat on the diamond.




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