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Hearts On Fire Settings


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I recently got engaged and fell quickly in love with the Hearts on Fire Delight Lady Di setting http://www.heartsonfire.com/shop-jewelry/rings/engagement-rings/delightladydidiamondengagementring.aspx. The markup is certainly high and I have heard that a Hearts and Arrows from Brian Gavin delivers the same quality. My concern has been if I am even able to purchase the HOF setting and use a different brand diamond I will lose the warranty on the setting. I may want to upgrade to a larger center stone in the future and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or advice for me. Thanks!

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HoF won't sell just the setting. It's possible that you might find one on the secondary market but it's definitely a crap shoot hunting for one this way. It's possible other dealers are prepared to make a copy and you might find it suitable (or even better) but it won't be a 'genuine' HoF unless you buy it from HoF and spring for the money.

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I think some HoF dealers will sell you the setting with a non-HoF centre stone (not just the setting), but you are back to square 1 in terms of premium being charged, particularly if you then want to fit another stone on it.


FWIW, it's not a particularly difficult setting to replicate, so it may be worth asking a few people how much it would cost to have something like that custom made.


As to warranty, two points:


1. Many people other than HoF stand behind their own merchandise and will repair it/adjust it at very reasonable cost, often for free, even after years of use.


2. If you are planning a significant upgrade in the future (i.e. a stone which is visibly larger), you'll need a new setting anyway: adapting the existing one is going to cost more than making something new, or you are going to end up with gaps in between the halo stones, which won't look particularly nice.

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