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Anyone Have Experience With Biggestdiamond.com?


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Trying to do some research on them but coming up with nothing. They also previously had the domain, yourforeverdiamond.com in case anyone has heard of that.


Their Twitter has very few followers and almost no Facebook likes. Can't seem to find any reviews either.


Emailed them a couple days ago and haven't heard back, also called the number on the website and was just routed to leave a voicemail.


Safe to say they aren't going to win anyone over with their customer service, but the prices on the clarity enhanced diamonds are pretty solid.


While they have UGL certs, which may mean nothing, they also "guarantee" all center diamonds to be F-G and VS2-SI1. The terms of this guarantee are unclear.


Looking for any feedback before giving up on these guys.

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I must be missing something. You don't trust their grading, they don't answer the phone or email, you don't know the terms and conditions, they haven't left any footprints that you can find, you can't find anyone who recommends or has even heard of them, and they claim to have cheap prices. What's 'solid' about that?


Note: I've never heard of them. They may be marvelous folks but they sure seem to have fallen flat on YOUR research.

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And BTW, since there are no legally valid standards for colour or clarity, their guarantee isn't worth the html code it's written in. "F-G" according to whom? As long as anyone (UGL, AGI, choose your three letters) is happy to say F or G, they are home and dry, and laughing all the way to the bank. Same for clarity. And the added bonus - for them - that GIA or AGS won't even grade the stones.

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I was a lurker on this board for a long time.. and came across this post. I was on a tight budget and was looking for the best bang for my buck. My girlfriend always wanted a larger diamond, but my budget couldn't accommodate her wants. I ended up finding biggestdiamond.com...... I was skeptical about the pricing even for clarity enhanced diamonds. I ended up giving them a call and a fellow named thomas? spoke to me and explained to me everything from cut to size. I felt comfortable making the purchase and had to go through verified by visa which makes you feel even more comfortable. I purchased a 1.50ct center diamond in a engagement ring set. F-G Color and VS2-Si1 clarity.... and was told I would receive a final grading after the ring was certified. Thomas stated, "Each ring is custom built from scratch and after the ring is complete they drop it off to give it a full appraisal." I asked if he could have it GIA certified but he said GIA does not certify clarity enhanced diamonds. The ring arrived a week after the initial payment which was on 3/02/2012 in a fedex box. When I opened the box I was really blown away by the quality of the ring (trust me I have done a lot off diamond ring browsing). I showed it to the whole family and they loved it. The diamond was certified as F color, and Si1 in clarity. I couldn't see a flaw to the naked eye. I had a great experience all around and feel confident to recommend this company to my closest friends and family.

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Howdy all! Just wanted to chime in. I purchased a ring from biggestdiamond.com last month. The company is really top notch. They explained everything in detail. Purchase a 1ct center diamond ring for my fiance. Ring came in certified as a 1.04ct F SI1 Excellent cut instead of guaranteed very good.


I didn't know her size originally and tried to estimate. They ended up resizing the ring free of charge (Locally they wanted to charge $70) after the original ring was built in a size 5. It feels good to know a company works hard to make a customer like myself happy. Stress free purchase,

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