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A Question On Round .85 F Si1 Vg/vg/vg. Clouds?


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I was in the market to buy an engagement ring until yesterday when i bought a diamond from a local jeweler. I came home and checked the GIA report and saw that there was a comment,

Clarity grade is based on clouds that are not shown. I called the jeweler asked him about it, and he told me that the comment is there but not on the diagram because it is microscopic and can only be viewed with 30x microscope. He also said that clouds usually dont affect the "sparkle." I asked him if i can compare the one i bought with something comparable and he told me that I would not see the difference.


When Did a quick online search about the clouds, I read from a few places that clouds on SI1 or lower grade diamonds not marked on the diagram is a concern. Should I return the diamond? I paid 4400 for the diamond and a 14k six prong setting.


Here are te details on the diamond.


.85 F SI1 vg/vg/vg

GIA report # 2141323562



Thank you so much for your help.


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Thanks Barry for your response. Here is what I read on pricescope.


Most grading reports have inclusion plots. (marked in red for internal and green for external features) They are useful for identification. Often only the main "grade makers" are plotted, and additional inclusions are listed in comments; "pin points not shown" etc. A worrying comment is "Clouds Not Shown,†because a cloud drawn on plots can look so bad that no one would buy the diamond. Clouds are only a problem on SI1 and lower clarity diamonds if no other inclusion is marked on the plot, i.e. the cloud is the grade maker. Big clouds can dull the diamond. But it is rare for even I1 diamonds to be dulled by inclusions.


Read more: http://www.pricescope.com/wiki/diamonds/diamond-clarity#ixzz1pIF5sSAd

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Amusing. The writer actually confirms that clouds are not a detrimental factor and goes on to make several contradictory statements that certainly would confuse a consumer.

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I'm not inclined to pick on one board while writing on another, especially since there are things in the tutorial here that I disagree with as well, but I do think that advice is a bit confusing. The purpose of the plotting diagram is to help the reader understand how the grader came to their clarity conclusion and to provide clues to help match the stone to the report. The usual reason for the 'cloud not shown' comment is because the cloud doesn't contribute to either of those objectives and extra red ink on the map makes it more confusing than is needed. A cloud that materially affects either the beauty or durability of the stone would, by definition, be at best an I1. Given that this stone has already been graded SI1, I think it's fair to rule out this issue. That's approximately what it says but a rewrite might make it clearer. I'm friends with the admin over there and I'll suggest it (Not that they will necessarily act on my suggestion or even agree with me but it's a huge site and they may not be aware it's even confusing)

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Thank you everyone for helpful comments. . I think i found the right one. I compared it with .83 E SI1 x vg x and saw that the new one had much more crisp feel to it (sorry for my lack of ability to fully describe the difference i saw) and have decided to go with it. I am picking up the ring this afternoon. It was long and draining but enjoyable experience. Wish me luck as i plan for the proposal.


Thank you again.

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