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Value And Manufacturer Of Antique Style Ring


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Not familiar with the manufacturer, but short of them being a famous name (think Cartier or Van Cleef & Arpels), it will make zippo difference to the value, which is largely going to be the scrap value of the metal and the resale of the stones.


It seems a modern ring (say 1980s or later), but the quality of the photos is not sufficient to say anything more. Anything involving even a very approximate appraisal will require visual inspection of the item, unless you have lab reports to identify and grade the stones.


If you want to take better photos (not that it will help with an appraisal, but if you plan on reselling it they will help), here are some tips:



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For an appraisal to be useful at all it must contain some critical elements:


1) What is it?

2) When, to whom, what circumstances are being described?


There are, of course, others, like the name and signature of the appraiser, the ‘limiting conditions’ and others that can render it useless but these two biggies seem to trip people up most often.


There’s no way to provide useful appraisal information from a photograph because it fails to answer step 1 above but the phrasing of your question suggests that you’re looking for conflicting info on #2. The majority of appraisals are estimating the cost to have a jeweler replace the item with a similar item new at retail locally. That’s the who/when/circumstances portion from above. I rather doubt that’s what you’re looking for. How much you can expect to realize on resale through a particular marketplace or even how much you should expect to pay in a particular market are completely different questions and, unfortunately, they aren’t really convertible. If you want an appraisal, talk to an appraiser. Tell us where you are and I’ll try and point you towards someone nearby.


As Davide points out, this will not be an easy item to sell, assuming resale is the objective. It’s not a currently popular style and people generally don’t like ‘used’ engagement rings and this nicely highlights the reason for the differences. ‘Popular’ isn’t a gemological property or even really an attribute of the jewelry at all but it has a HUGE affect on sales. On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with having a ring that others wouldn't buy as long as YOU love it and that doesn't change the amount of work for a jeweler to make another one like it one bit. If you already own it, you like it, and it's not for sale, popularity is, AT BEST, an academic issue.


FWIW, that style was popular in the 40's and 50's. There's no test for age of metal or stone and it might have been made in 2003 right before she gave it to you but, for reasons outlined above, jewelers tend to like to make things that sell quickly and I think it's unlikely that grandma bought this recently.

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