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Advice On Buying Diamond Pairs

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Hello All,


I am in the market for some diamond pairs for earrings. I have seen 2 Pear diamonds - details below...



Pear 0.50 Ideal I VS2 54.00 61.60 GIA 6.62 x 4.53 x 2.79


Pear 0.50 V.Good I VS2 63.00 61.20 GIA 6.62 x 4.54 x 2.78 $802


I have the following questions:


1. Is it the case that diamond pairs should be cut from the same rough?


2. Given that the dimensions are so similar, why is there such a difference in table - 54 Vs 63?


3. Would a layman such as myself be able to tell these diamonds apart side by side?


4. Would I be better off sourcing from a dealer that specialises in pairs?


Any thoughts would be gratefully recieved.


Best Regards,



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1. No. It would actually be very uncommon for a pair to be cut from the same rough (unless the rough is huge and the cutter is cutting minor stones from the chips, but even then...)


2. BMW 5 series: 4899 x 1860 x 1464. Audi A6: 4927 x 1855 x 1459. Pretty similar in size (way less than 1% on any "dimension"), but you wouldn't mistake one for the other, would you? A diamond isn't quite as complex as a car, but there are many choices for cutting one within the same perimeter and even from the same piece of rough.


3. Very likely yes - but there is no way of telling for sure without at least a few photos. It also depends on the extent to which you need them to be identical; with earrings, it's pretty difficult for people to see both at the same time.


4. You would be better off choosing a dealer that can provide photos and a critical, expert eye in choosing the pairs. Other than for rounds (and even there, honestly) there is not enough information on a lab report to have a guess as to whether the stones will match.


Incidentally, as for princess cuts, GIA does not grade pears for cut (nor does it use the word "Ideal" anywhere on its reports), so again you need to ask the seller who attributed those cut grades, and on what they based the decision. A dollar against a button you won't get an answer, or it will be very fluffy.

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Although the two seem superfically like a pair on paper no decent diamond grader would consider them a pair because of the table diametre difference. I'd keep looking if I were you,


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mail: paul@engagejewellery.com

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