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0.70 Ct Vg - Which One To Choose?


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Hello, I've narrowed down my search to the 5 diamonds in the attachment and not sure which one makes more sense and why. Also, if you have a suggestion on the price, I'd really appreciated it:




Shape Ct Cut Color Clarity Polish Symmetry Depth Table Fluorescence Culet

1 Princess 0.71 VG F VS1 VG VG 72.4 71 N N

2 Princess 0.70 VG F VS1 EX G 74.6 69 N N

3 Princess 0.70 VG G VS1 EX VG 74.2 72 N N

4 Princess 0.70 VG G VS1 VG VG 72.4 74 N N

5 Princess 0.70 VG G VS1 EX VG 75.0 74 N N

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Who has graded the diamonds? On what basis are they calling the cut "Very Good"?


Note: GIA does not grade cut on princess cut diamonds, so if these are GIA-graded the cut grade has been issued by someone else.If all they used to attribute the cut grade is table and depth %, you can ignore it since they are not sufficient information to determine cut quality; if they used something else (e.g. ASET images, pavilion and crown angles measured through Sarin or other gem scanners), it would be good to have that information to comment on it.


FWIW - assuming you are looking at GIA-graded stones, I'd easily go lower on clarity (and colour), and make sure you have a good seller who can help you choose the best cut stones. If you are not looking at GIA-graded stones, use AGS and you can rely on their cut grade too. If you are not using GIA or AGS to grade the diamonds, you are taking a very significant risk.

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There is a variety of tools and techniques to assess cut. First of all, if you are buying non-rounds, I think you should select your dealer from those that can supply more information than simply "this is what is on the report". Photos, videos, ASET images, Sarin scans - all have their use. Ultimately, a good pair of eyes (yours and/or your expert's and/or the vendor's) is the most useful tool of all.

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This is a paper about rounds, but the key concepts are equally applicable to any shape.




The issue is not "what you would see in X or Y"; the issue is what do you like... and the only way of deciding that is to see quite a few diamonds. Don't feel pressurised to buy until you are sure of what your like.

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