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Best Depth,table Spec For Cushion Diamond?

Alfonso Hui

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Is there a way to gauge how a cushion diamond will sparkle by looking at the depth, and table? or any other information from a GIA grading report? I purchased a GIA cushion modified brilliant diamond from James Allen, and I was slightly disheartened by the lack of brilliance and scintillation (in a word, it looked dull). Is there a way to pick a better one without breaking the wallet of retail price? Thank you.


Also, is there a way to tell from a GIA report if a cushion diamond will have the crushed ice look, or the traditional radiant look?

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There is absolutely no way to tell from the lab grading report. "Numbers" in fancy shape diamonds are absolutely non-predictive in telling you how the stone will face up because light entry/exit is haphazard due to the irregular archircture of the stone. Thus two cushions with the same exact "numbers" can look diametrically different.


Two things you need to do:


1. Specify what kind of look you want.

2. The Vendor needs to personally review and evaluate the diamond. Supplying photos is helpful.

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