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Egl Cushion Stone - Need 2Nd Opinion

Alfonso Hui

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I am looking at a local jeweler who shipped an EGL certified stone in for me to purchase. They are asking for $950. Here's the grading results:


Diamond Class: Natural Diamond

Cristal Type: Type IaAB

Shape and Cut: Cushion Shape

Carat weight: 0.64 Ct.

Color Grade: E

Clarity Grade: SI1


Measurements: 5.46-4.78x3.10

Polish: Very Good

Symmetry: Excellent

Fluorescence: None

Total Depth 64.9%

Table width: 71%

Crown Height: 8%

Pavilion Depth: 55%

Girdle Thickness: Medium, Faceted


The report number begins with EGL225..., so i believe it's origin is Israel. I brought along a GIA .4 carat, SI1, color F, excellent cut to compare with.


Here's what I can tell with 0x (naked eye test) The EGL stone has 2 visible inclusions: both very near the edge of where the prongs would sit and traverse below the girdle, easily hidden with any kind of reflections of light. My concern would be the inclusion seems to be a crack that i could almost use my fingernail to feel the crack. Would that be a structure issue later on?


Under the loupe, the inclusions is more visible, and i could also see a tiny bit of cloud on the table, but no significant inclusions that my naked eye didn't pick out.


Color wise, side by side comparing with the GIA F grade, it's a wash, so I believe EGL graded it within a grade.


Another issue I'm concerned with is the cristal type. It says it's Type IaAB. What is it? I googled it, and it says it may be treated for color, is that correct? The price for the same carat, but if I bump it down 2 grades are still couple hundreds cheaper than the market. I am just more worried about the structural integrity of the stone. Any help would be much appreciate!

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Thanks Neil,


It is one of those deal that seem too good to be true. My instinct is telling me to shop somewhere else with GIA, but I was just entertaining the idea of how EGL could be that far off from GIA. Though i was surprised how the color matches up very well between GIA and EGL, but I'd probably give it a grade down on clarity. Mostly I was concerned with how the stone would behave down the road if i can find a chip before it was even mounted.


The jeweler said they don't know too much about the grading, as they just received the shipment, they could order an in-house appraisal from their own gemologist. At that point, my mind was pretty much made up.

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