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Gia Vs. Egl?


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I know a few people are strong supporters of GIA in this forum and I understand your logic behind it, in particularly when buying in the 5-6 figure range. My price range is under $3K, at this price point does it really make that much of a difference? A local shop dealer told me that GIA certification would cost me around $1,000 (I know it’s about $250 for smaller stones – under 1ct. - am I getting the runaround by the dealer?) plus they said it would take a few months, which I also think takes about a few weeks+/-. I’m in no rush here, and at that price point I don’t know if it’s worth the money to spend 20%+ of the purchase price on the GIA certification vs. relying on EGL USA.


BTW - i found this to be a great forum and thank you those who contribute, very helpful!!!

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Here's the GIA pricing structure:




EGL is similar but a little (10-25%) less on most price points. The difference is in the dozens of dollars, not thousands. They're also fast and a joy to work with. GIA is a PIA. That said, for shopping purposes, go with GIA all the way. The ONLY exception (as a buyer) is AGSL if you're looking or the 'ideal' cut grades.


The vast majority of stones have been graded in advance and by the seller. There's very little reason that you, as a buyer, should be considering hiring lab services.

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Conclusion 1 - as per Neil's post above - stick to GIA at pretty much all price points.


Conclusion 2 - corollary - avoid that dealer, and any others that tell you "the reason why GIA-graded stones are expensive is because GIA is so expensive".


BTW - This is a highly relevant recent story that got posted on another forum - I am reproducing just the starting and ending posts


Hello all, I am new to the forums but have been reading behind the scenes for quite some time.


I have a small personal diamond collection that includes some fancies, all have GIA reports....until today.


I bought a stone from a local jeweler whom I trust and have known for 10 years+. I actually consider him a friend.


The problem is that the report that comes with the stone is an EGL USA (probably graded at EGL Canada) and I am not sure if they would pick up on HPHT processing, or if they list it om their reports.


There are no tell tale signs i.e., strong green flo. or any HPHT inscription on the girdle, but the color seems a little too unnatural IMO.


I will try to post the EGL report.


Any insight as to whether EGL USA lists HPHT, or if they possibly miss it sometimes would be greatly appreciated.


I am in no way trying to degrade EGL, I am just much more familiar with GIA reports for colored stones.


Thanks again!


There follow a few posts where everybody on the forum (myself included) advise the OP on getting the stone seen by GIA, which he did, on the "rush" timeline (twice the fees). Result:


GIA Info as emailed to me yesterday, compare it to the EGL USA report posted earlier in this thread. Remember this was actually EGL Vancouver




CMB 6.89 6.59 4.02 1.51 * , Fancy Vivid Yellow, HPHT PROCESSED Even VVS2 Not Pot VG G FNT STK to ETK Faceted NON 61 62 Needle, Natural, Extra Facet Internal graining, surface graining and additional extra facets are not shown. HPHT PROCESSED


So... be careful.

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