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Any Jewelrybynovel.com Experiences Out There?

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I have never shopped with them, so these comments are based only on looking at their site.


1. They sell jewellery by the stock item, not loose diamonds. This is not a fault or problem, except that it relies on the diamonds in e.g. a 1 carat G/VS2 solitaire ring being all the same. Unfortunately, they are not. Even two GIA-graded 1.00 G/VS2/Excellent cut may look very different from each other, and have price differences of 50%. Since they are pricing all of them the same, guess which quality you are going to get? The lowest possible that still fits the description.


2. They sell stones not graded by any independent lab, which means you are relying entirely on their word for colour, clarity and cut quality. I would not. The difference between say D and E or F colour is tiny, but the price difference on fairly graded stones is 20,30 or even 50%. This is made more suspicious by the fact that their prices are unbelievably low, so to what extent can you trust the description? (see point 1 above).


3. They seem to focus on very low clarity stones (I2-I3) - though they don't post images of what an I2-I3 stone looks like... in fact they don't post any photos at all - each and every ring "photo" is the same independent of stone colour, clarity and even size. How on Earth can you buy something based on that? No independent grading, no photos of the item - a lot of trust is going to be needed.


4. The metalwork - if the "photos" are representative of it - is not very good. Fair enough, they are priced at the very bottom of the market, but still...


5. They have an unusual return policy: 7 days or get hit by a 35% restocking fee. Basically, you need to get yourself very organised to check what they sent you, or pay them their profit and send back the goods so they can resell them to the next victim er, customer. On the other hand, the "lifetime credit" policy is quite generous if applied as they describe it - only problem is I don't see anything that I would want any store credit with them for...


6. The so-called "education" section is not the best, though it does not contain blatant errors or distortions. I cannot blame them - there are so many places where one can get the same facts and a lot more that it is hardly worth the effort to put together a really good tutorial (though if you "borrow" text for example on cut from some site you should either quote your source or have the decency to remove the name of the originator). Shame that they don't apply some of the good advice to themselves (e.g. "don't take any chances on diamond colour").


In all: buyer beware.

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Hi. I would like to do a review on this company. I recently bought some 1.0 ctw diamond stud earrings and I wanted to do an honest review on this company to maybe help some people out if they are hesitating on buying diamonds online like I was.


First, I would like to say I am VERY picky when it comes to diamonds so if you are too, you would probably like to consider this review. I was very hesitate about buying diamonds online and buying with jewelrybynovel.com was my second time I have bought diamonds online.


My first time was with Blue Apple Diamonds on ebay. It was a 1.0 ctw diamond stud earrings, not certified, G color and SI1-SI2 clarity. Upon receiving the earrings, they were horrible. Not SI1-SI2 clarity. Black dots (S...more than one) were very visible. The only good thing about it was that it was sparkly but the bad outweighed the good. I returned the earrings for a refund and started my search for diamond earrings once again.


I stumbled across jewelrybynovel.com (JBN) right after my horrible purchase with Blue Apple diamonds and I was not convinced. I had emailed them back and forth a few times and it took a while before I decided to buy from them. It was hard to find any reviews on them because I am not very trusting but I finally decided to buy from them and prayed that this time around will be a great one.


I emailed JBN about the 1 ctw diamond stud earrings, G in color, SI2 in clarity asking for a very sparkly and eye clean diamond for both of my earrings.They said it was beautiful and they think I would love them. So I purchased them on a Wednesday, it was shipped on Thursday and it was at my door on Friday. The shipping was so fast. They are located in CA and I am in MI so yeah the shipping was really fast.


When I opened the earrings, my first thought was the size. It was smaller than the earrings I had returned to Blue Apple Diamonds. If they were both 1 ctw, why the size difference? But I looked past that because the sparkle of the diamonds was too beautiful. I cleaned them and tried them on and I really loved how they looked on my ear. Looks bigger on my ear than in the box or in my hand. I have a 10x loupe that I use to examine each diamond that I buy. First I looked at the earrings itself to determine if they were in fact, eye clean. To my disappointment, one of the diamond earrings has a very visible black carbon dot near the surface of the diamond. I can actually see this inclusion within 12 inches from my eye so it is very visible. I can wear the earring and see the black dot by looking in the mirror. I don't really think that a different person will be able to see it. I can see it because I know it is there. I really wanted to exchanged the earring because they did tell me it was eyeclean...but I just did not want to go through the hassle of shipping the earring out, waiting for them to receive it and then having them ship out the new earring. I would be paying for shipping and how do I know that the next earring will be eye clean?


The other earring was perfect, though. No inclusions could be seen with the naked eye. I looked at both earrings through my 10x loupe and I couldnt see any black inclusions (except for the one earring with that big black surface inclusion). I love the screwbacks.


I have not gone to an independent jeweler to get these earrings checked out...yet. Haven't got the time.


All in all, I really think these earrings are very beautiful and the sparkle is amazing. I recommend anyone living in the Los Angeles area to check them on in person because the diamonds I got are very sparkly and beautiful. Like I said, the only thing I was not happy with was that ONE black surface inclusion. If you are hesitating to buy diamonds online like I was, I think you should try out JBN. Email them first and that will help you feel at ease. I would recommend them to anyone because their prices cannot be beat!

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