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Looking For The Best 2.0 Carat Or "close Enough" For About 9-10K Possible?


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Sadly, I have lost my ring and have decided to look for a replacement on my own versus letting Auto Owners do it for me...yes, they initially wanted to do it that way.


The stone I am replacing was a Blue Nile, 1.13, Ideal, VS1, H. I loved it....but its been a few years and I was hoping to get something a bit bigger.


A Few Questions:


1. I have noticed several discussions related to price versus exact size. i.e. if I go with a 1.8 it will be much less expensive than a 2.0 carat and the discrepancy in size is not noticeable. IF this is true...can you be more specific about this? I will be honest....size matters...to me....in my diamond. : )


2. Based on what Ive read here, it sounds best to buy a loose stone online and take it to a jeweler to have it set. Yes?


3. Ive noticed a few references to Blue Nile, Union, and Solomon Brothers, are they any others?


4. There is a huge price difference between EGL and IGA/GIA....should I avoid EGL altogether?


5. What is the lowest cut/color/clarity combo for "good" sparkly factor?? (Im a girl, what can I say?)


So thankful for your advice.

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Sorry to hear about your loss.


In response to your questions:


1. Yes, a 1.80 carat will be significantly less than a 2.0 carat as the price does jump exponentially when the size crosses demarcated lines such as .99 to 1 carat, 1.49 to 1.5 carat, etc. Visually, I doubt you will see a size difference-especially after the diamond is set.


2. You certainly have the option to do it this way or buy the entire package from the on-line Vendor. Please note that certain B&M jewelers will refuse to set a diamond they have not sold because they won't assume liability in the setting process.


3. Yes there are and they break into two types: A. drop-shippers that never see the diamond but have the Mfg. send it to you. B. Vendors that either have the diamond in-house or will call in a wholesalers diamond for personal review and evaluation.


4. EGL-USA can be considered providing that your vendor reviews the diamond and verifies the diamond and clarity grading.


5. The "sparkly" factor depends on facet alignment, facet size, and facet angle and any stone with a Very Good to Excellent/Ideal Cut grade has potential.

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I'll address a few in no particular order.


Yes, avoid EGL entirely.


Diamonds are priced by weight. That is to say, $5000 per carat on a 1.13 gets a net price of $5650. The price per carat goes up with size so a 2.00 isn't just twice the price of a 1.00 because of the size, the per carat goes up too. This curve is steep.


The per carat increases are not a gradual curve, there are some distinct steps. 1.00, 1.50, 2.00 all show significant jumps over 0.99, 1.49 and 1.99.


I'm all for giving your local jeweler a stab at the diamond sale but, in general, prices online are cheaper. Whether or not the extra service is worth the extra cost depends both on you and on what your local jeweler has to offer. If you decide to buy online and the online jeweler also has the mounting you like, seriously consider buying the diamond, the setting and the labor all from the same source. It reduces fingerpointing if something goes poorly because there's no one to point the finger at.


There are TONS of others. A google search for 'discount certified diamonds' produces literally hundreds of thousands of hits. There's something like 10 who advertise here and several more who participate by giving free advice in this forum (for example Barry who posted just ahead of me).

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