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Buying Diamond In Mexico. How To Verify Certification


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I'm thinking of purchasing a diamond engagement ring in guadalajara, mexico. I have never bought jewelry let alone diamonds so I am not sure what to expect. I have done some research and know what kind i diamond I want to purchase. I live here now and won't be going back to the states for a while. First off, does anyone have first hand experience with buying diamonds abroad. What i am most hesitant about is how to verify what i am buying. If the diamond is certified (GIA, AGS, or EGL) how can i tell if that is the diamond that was certified and not some other diamond. Is this a bad idea or am i just worrying for no reason. Should I buy online and ship it???

Any advise would help


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I would suggest that you purchase from a reliable Vendor in the USA, have it shipped to a Fedex Hold for pick up station just across the Mex border-closest to your location (e.g. Texas) and pick it up there.


Safer, more secure.

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There's nothing fundamentally wrong with jewelers in Mexico or anywhere else. It's a matter of your trust in the jeweler, not their address. I"m guessing you're an American and probably have a 'feel' for how business works here and you may discover it's a bit different there. That can be disconcerting. If you can find a neighbor you would like to support and who you consider to be trustworthy, give them a shot and ask them how to approach the 'trust but verify' question. If you're seriously worried that they're going to be defrauding you with mismatched or counterfeit lab docs, rethink your decision to be doing business with them in the first place.

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Thanks guys that really helps. How easy would it be for them to counterfeit the certificate. Since I have never seen one, I really have no idea what a real one looks like, thus my trepidation. This might be a dumb question but are diamonds etched with any numbers that match the certificate, under 10x magnification so i could tell if its authentic? I have done research but i feel i'm still in the dark, is there anything on the internet the would really be useful to look at? For what its worth, the jewelry store I went to, looked pretty legit, but i guess looks are deceiving.

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If you check the labs' sites (www.gia.edu ; www.agslab.com; www.eglusa.com, ...) they all have scanned copies of report samples and guide you through the security features like holograms and filigrees. They also offer a free online report checking utility, so you can verify that a given report number exists and that the grading/description in the database matches what is in the paper report. Frankly a fake report is not an issue; much bigger questions are:


1. Can I trust the report? (not always, as it turns out)

2. Is the stone on the report the stone I am holding in my hand?


Yes, some diamonds have a laser inscription on the girdle and this is described/annotated on the report, however even this is not foolproof, since laser etching is now relatively commonly available and the means for erasing the inscription are even more common. You are better off trusting the jeweller or an expert appraiser to demonstrate to you why the diamond is the right one; it's normally not that difficult.

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