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Question On Round ~1.05 K Si1


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Hi All!

Before I take the plunge I wanted to ask you folks some questions about a diamond that has got me intrigued but confused at the same time. Here's the stats:


Shape: Round

Carat: 1.05

Cut: Excellent

Color: K - faint brown

Clarity: SI1

Cert: GIA

Polish: VG

Symmetry: EX

Crown: 34.5

Pavilion: 41.0

Depth: 60.7

Table: 62

Girdle: Thin to Slightly Thick

Flourescence: Medium blue

Price: ~4000


I've been reading a lot about diamonds over the past week or so and think I have a fairly decent grasp of what I want, but I have not been able to find much information about this faint brown color with flourescence. Will the flourescence make the stone look whiter in sunlight even if the color is faint brown instead of yellow? I've also read that a K stone with brown looks whiter than a yellow colored K stone. Are any of these things true?


Besides the color, the stone appears to be eyeclean and well cut. Its also much larger than other stones around its price point so I am ready to go with this one if I can figure this brownness out.

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Faint brown may appear pinkish more than white - which to some people is more attractive than a pale yellow. Here is one graded K/FB:



with a couple more photos here: http://rockdiamond.com/index.php/jewelry/loose-diamond-60ct-pear-shape-k-faint-brown-si1-gia-subtle-color-laser-inscribed-r3924


Bear in mind that the stone above has been set so as to emphasise the brown/pink component; if we had set it in white metal it would look less coloured (but probably more orangy, since the red component in the brown would not be emphasised).


Here's another one (though L/FB, so slightly more saturated/darker, and again set in pink gold to bring out the pink!)



and more of the same: http://diamondsbylauren.com/images/08/08/r2620a.JPG


On the fluorescence: no, it may have some funky effect (like making the stone look purplish in certain lights), but 1) it's only medium blue and 2) blue is the chromatic opposite of yellow, not of brown, so it won't look white®.


Bear in mind that a round will look whiter than a radiant in any case, because the light path is different and shorter in a round, so the light picks up less colour before being reflected back.


Finally, it has a pretty wide table, so it will seem wider (though possibly less fiery) than a stone of similar diameter with a smaller table. If you like the look, go for it!

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Thanks for the help guys. So to make sure I've got everything down, if I set this stone in white gold it should look much less pink than the pear set in rose gold above due to cut and setting but should still have varying amounts of color depending on the type of light. As a last question, for 4000 USD do you guys think that this is a good price?

Thanks again!

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The price is within the bounds of reason, but it depends on the details of cut and inclusion visibility. If you look on the Diamond Finder (link at the top of this page), prices for similar diamonds go from $5500 and $3000...


On the colour, bear in mind that the two single photos I posted are of the loose stones; the web pages I linked have the stone set. I think you could expect something "like" the bottom of the pear image above if you set in white metal.


Final point: if you want "white", don't buy a K with a large table... I think you have a rare chance of getting something that looks like a pink diamond (which in that size if it had a "real" faint pink/light pink label would be well in excess of $40,000), why do you want to change it into white?


BTW - here is a what a faint pink round looks like...




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I'm currently waiting on the idealscope image which I will post up here once I get it which is going to be a few days. I'm not looking for totally white but the color of the pear set in rose gold is much stronger than what I had expected so I was a bit worried. I think I would be perfectly happy if the color of the set diamond was similar to the loose pear diamond, though now I'm wondering if I should instead go for a rose gold setting because that faint pink does look amazing.. Its times like this I wish I could just see the diamond with my two eyes and visually inspect it!

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Look at it this way, if it helps: you are not purchasing it. You are paying a shipping fee for the right to inspect it, and the credit card is simply a security measure. You are only purchasing it once you have inspected it.


Returning with most good online sellers is pretty straightforward. One phone call, two boxes (possibly the original ones it came in) and a visit to the Post Office to send it registered post.

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