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Advice On Princess Cut Hearts And Arrows Diamond


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I have been looking for an engagement ring. My GF really likes the princess cut with an halo hearts and arrows and I have a few options. I just need help in deciding or if anyone could beat these prices would be awesome :D


They are as follows;


Hearts on Fire

This is from a local "brick and mortar" jewelry store.

This is a Dream cut(There version of the princess cut with a more softer edges) which I really like. Center diamond .50/Total Carat weight .82 VS-SI/G Metal:Platinum


Price:$5500 with a 10% discount would bring it to $5000.




This is from Kay, I've been doing research and apparently they have gotten the rights to use the name.

Princess Cut Center 1 carat T.W.. They said I would get anywhere from a D-G/VSI-SI Metal:14k White Gold







Price:$4300 for a set that comes with an .50 carat band



My sincere apologies if I forgot anything as I wrote this very fast at work and didnt have any time to look over. In essence, I'm really leaning towards the HOF, I love the cut of the diamond more than the Tolkowsky, however the "brand" premium that I'm having to pay is whats getting me. I could get virtually the same ring and the matching band for $700 less if I went with the Tolkowsky..


Any comments that can help me better figure out which route to go will be GREATLY appreciated. I have done as much searching and researching as I could do which is what led me here in effort to get you Gents & Ladies expertise advice :)


- Jeff

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Let me get this straight - do you (your girlfriend) want a princess cut, or a Hearts & Arrows? The two are not the same and in fact are rather impossible to pair. There are a number of "square H&A" cuts, but they are not princess cuts.


Other than that, you are comparing a huge range of goods - none of the links you posted gives a precise description of what you will be getting (G-I colour, VS1 to SI1 clarity is NOT precise and involves a factor of 2 in the price in the range; similarly H-I and SI2-I1, although the implied spread on prices is a little less - and neither ad specifies who has graded the colour and clarity of the stones - add another factor of 2 on top...).


I would also be VERY careful in assuming that because a couple of low-resolution renderings look somewhat alike you would be getting the same quality stone and metalwork by HoF and Kay's. Tiny details count for a lot - both in terms of price and actual look and feel ("quality") of the item.

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Well pardon my ignorance... But yes a "square H&A" cut is precisely what I'm looking



The HOF when I visited the store was a .50/Total Carat weight .82 AGS/SI/G.


As for the Tolkowsky they didnt have the specific ring on hand in the store. They should me a catalog and said they would have to order it. And when I asked about the specs they said I could get any where from an GIA/"D-G"/"VSI-SI". I know this is not precise but that's what the woman told me, I swear :wacko:


The HOF was definitely a better quality but by m a minute difference in my opinion. However the Tolkowsky I would be getting more Diamond(1C vs .80)


Dont know if that helps to further clarify.. Thanks however for reading and taking your time out to help me...


- Jeff

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Apologies if I sounded brusque; it really was not clear (to me) what you were looking for, and there is a very significant difference in price (about another factor of 2 for same colour/clarity/weight/lab) between a princess cut and a square H&A.


I believe you on the range of stones; it is quite normal. My point is that you cannot compare prices based on such a wide range. You may be doing yourself a disfavour by deciding that you like stone (or store) X "about as much" as stone (or store) Y, and Y is cheaper simply picking the first two examples that the vendor puts in front of you, particularly if you are comparing photographs with real pieces.


Saying "I am paying a premium for buying HoF compared to Kay's" only makes sense if you are comparing like with like. For example the carat weight of the main stone is far more important in determining fair pricing than the total carat weight. 0.25 ct of top quality G-H/VS melée (small diamonds) are worth about $300; much less if the quality isn't as good. The difference in price between a 0.45 G/VS2 centre and a 0.50 G/VS2 is about $1000 because you go over a pricing threshold. Yet one ring may end up as 0.80 tcw (0.50 + 0.30) and the other as 1.00 ctw (0.45 + 0.55)


If to this you add that short of avowed "high end luxury" brands like Tiffany or Cartier you have picked two rather expensive retailers/brands, it is probably not all that difficult to find "better" at a lower price...

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I beg to disagree on a few points: buying a non-lab graded diamond for a consumer is a bad idea. There is no commercial reason why a lab-graded diamond should cost significantly more, so why lose the independent information that you can gain for the sake of a couple of hundred dollars? (Yes - that's how much a GIA report costs: www.gia.edu/lab-reports-services/fees_payment/lab_fees/Lab-Fee-Schedule-Diamond-US.pdf)


Buying a GIA graded stone and taking it to a different jeweller may or may not be "better" depending on what one is looking for, what stone one buys and what jeweller is doing the setting.

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