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Round .83 H Si2 Is It Worth It?


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My SO and I have started to look at engagement rings. We have finally found a jeweler we feel comfortable with and really like. I chose a setting and SO will choose the diamond. The jeweler showed us a GIA Round .83ct H SI2 excellent cut polish/symmetry both very good for $3,800. I do not want to go below an H color and initially thought I did not want below an SI1 clarity. I've tried to do a lot of research, and from seeing the diamond in person, I think this might be a good decision. He will be going back on his own to look at diamonds, but this diamond just seems lovely.

We are looking to spend no more than $5,000 on the diamond, preferably less, so it's definitely in the budget. We are looking for a .75-1.00ct stone, though I would FAR rather have a smaller, better quality diamond than hit that 1ct and sacrifice quality to fit in the budget. So I know a 1ct is not going to happen. I had considered buying online, but not being able to see the diamond makes me weary.


My questions are do you think this diamond sounds right for the price? What about buying online? And any other insight would be greatly appreciated!

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Assuming the price you were quoted is for the stone only, it is more expensive than equivalent stones available through "low price, low service" online merchants by about 20%, and it is about 10% higher than prices charged by "premium price, premium service" online merchants. Some of whom provide (in my opinion) at least as good a service as any high street based merchant - minus a cup of coffee and plus a lot more information on the diamond - and are often high street based, just not necessarily your high street. Whether this is a trade off that you are happy with, is a different question altogether, and to be fair to your jeweller I don't know what level of service he offers.


As to your wariness (I assume, as opposed to weariness) regarding online shopping, it is understandable, but I think it could be addressed by considering the "buying" as a free inspection period, and if things don't work out for you for whatever reason the only "cost" is return shipping.

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