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.96 Ct Si2 H Color (Celebration Diamond)


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I guess it depends on what you like. the Celebration folks have fairly limited distribution and they make it difficult to shop. 0.9x/H/SI2 isn't all that hard to find in a more traditional cut and a quick perusal of the database under 'diamond finder' at the top of the page finds dozens of stones ranging from 1800 to about 5300. You're nicely towards the middle of that. They don't supply enough information to shop the cutting and they sell them in store lights that prevent it even if you know what to look for so the best you can do is say that you fit in the range, albeit a pretty big range.


Do you like the look? Have you seen one outside the bright lights of the showroom? Have you compared it to others? Do you love it? If so, yes it's a fair enough price. If not then no price is good enough.

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Thanks for responding

I compared this with 2 others

1 was a VS2 g color 1 ct

The other one was I1 1.63 ct f color


The celebration really stood out. Even without the lights. I wanted to make sure I wasn't over paying. I have compared with other stores and no one can beat this price.


Thanks for all your help

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The issue is cutting, not clarity or color and I'm always suspicious when stores show you a 'regular' stone as part of the sales pitch to sell something else but I'll take your word for it that you liked Celibration design better. As I recall, that brand is exclusive to Helzburg stores so it's not so much that no one else can beat the price, no one else can sell it at all.


There are other 'extra facet' designs available elsewhere. I think Jared's has a line of them under their Leo brand for example that you can use for comparison shopping. Rather few of the online stores deal in these kind of things but the Solesfera brand is available from a few of them.

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