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I am only selling a pair of diamond studed earrings with a GIA report. I plan on researching to see what the cheapest one is going for on ebay and will match that if not cheaper since I have no feedback on my ebay acct. so why would anyone buy from me which is why I'm willing to eat some money.


It is only .36 ct each color d clarity if excellent cut


My question is how long should I expect for it to sell for a buy it now not an auction? thanks.

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How long is a piece of string?


I have offered things for free on eBay that went unsold for months (while other sellers were charging for and selling similar stuff), and I have bought things from zero feedback sellers within 24 hours of their ad being posted.


I think the key here is going to be:


1. Research, document and describe what you have precisely and with as much evidence as you can (good quality photos, scans of documentation etc.). For example, taking the post above I would have the following questions: Am I getting two single stone diamond studs? Or am I getting 0.36 ct of melée on each earring? What metal is the setting in? What is its design? How are the backs (screw vs. friction)? How many GIA reports are there? One? What about the second diamond? (a GIA report for 2 stones is uncommon) How do I know that the report(s) are genuine GIA? How do I check that the report(s) refer(s) to these diamonds (particularly since they are D-IF, there are no easily spotted characteristics)? How can I be sure that what is described is what you will ship to me? What recourse (other than PayPal) do I have?


2. Don't be boastful, but don't be dismissive of what you have. "Only" a pair of D/IF stones will make the buyer think you are uncertain this is what they are. And "only 0.36 carats each" makes it sound like you feel they are inadequate; if they are for you, why should they be adequate for the buyer? Or are you trying to make me (the buyer) feel small for "only" being able to afford this? I know you are not, but some people may take it this way. At the end of the day, taking your description as I think you meant it, you are looking at something still costing more than a thousand dollars at the lowest realistic price...


In addition to eBay, post an ad on the Classified section here; it certainly won't harm. Good luck!

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I suspect you'll find a matched pair of GIA/D/IF/x diamonds to be extremely difficult to find ebay comparables that you can use to undercut the price. That's just not the venue where such things normally change hands. The earrings I see on ebay by the hundreds are quite different. I second Davide's excellent list of questions. You can learn a lot about writing a good ad for high end items by looking at they way other people have done it. To be sure, the potential buyer is going to be interested in getting a good price but fear of getting the wrong thing, getting an undisclosed defect or of getting nothing at all are BIG parts of the shopping thought process and the best sellers spend a lot of their efforts to mitigate that fear. A zero feedback makes this even worse for you so you'll need to do an even better job than the pros to make up for it. Everybody starts their ebay history somewhere but this may not be the best first item.


How long it takes depends on you, not the earrings. Speed is not a gemological property. Beyond the above skills theres an element of just plain luck involved before the right customer comes along. If you're in a hurry I wouldn't choose that venue for this item.

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