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Ltb: Tiffany & Co. Round Solitaire Engagement Ring 1-1.50 Carat


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I have a 1.27 carat Tiffany round solitare engagement ring in platinum setting that I bought last November for an engagement that didn't work out. I have all documentation and the Tiffany case and blue box. The purchase price was 15,000+


The grade is: VVS1, color I, cut excellent to very good.


Please let me know if you're interested. I just created an account today to sell this ring so please help me with the best way to communicate with you.





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Sorry, I realize now that I should include my email address, because PMs don't work on this site. If you're interested in discusing my Tiffany ring described in my previous post, please contact me: michael at condict dot org




Hello Michael (and Gaya. if you are reading this). The PM system has now been enabled, so you can receive and send. On the other hand, you may want to change your post (as I did above) to avoid your address being harvested too easily by bots.


Good luck with the search/sale!

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