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Are These Good Prices?


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Looked at some diamonds today and was wondering how these prices look. I know you don't have much to go off of but the diamonds are GIA certified and I did look at all of them under magnification for what it's worth. These are the three I have narrowed it down to.


1.00 G SI2 X X X $5544

1.30 H SI2 X VG X $7332

1.20 H SI2 X VG VG $6480


Thanks for your help!



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Thanks. Did that and my prices look inline. The 1.3 price I have is on the very low end of the range I see on diamond finder so that seems like a good thing. The 1.2 doesn't seem as low in the range. Im just struggling with the extra $1000 to go up just .1 ct. You can definitely tell the size difference when looking at the 1.2 and 1.3 side by side loose but I'm not sure if that is worth $1000.

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Bear in mind that with SI stones the visibility of the inclusions will have a pretty strong impact on the price too. You may be happy that the stone is eye-clean to your standards, but it is not necessarily eye-clean for everybody...


In addition, while all three stones are graded "Excellent" cut by GIA, not all "Excellent" cut will look (or cost) the same. About half of the price difference is purely due to weight; the rest could be inclusion visibility, the fine details of cut and possibly a little of dealer cost/margin.


However, you have the huge advantage on all of use that you have actually seen the diamonds. Your preferences trump any and all "paper based" considerations.

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Nothing of concern. I just wonder if 0.2 mm in diameter is worth $1000 to you...


An indented natural is an area of the diamond where the natural surface of the diamond crystal is still visible and it is indented compared to the rest of the polished facet/surface. If it is on the edge of the girdle or crown (the resolution on the image is not enough to "see" it on the plot), it is likely completely invisible.

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