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Should I Buy ?


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Base on the specs is this an excellent diamond to buy?

Measurement 6.43-6.46x3.96mm

1.01 carat, g color, vs1, triple excellence, none fluorescent

Comments: internal graining & surface graining not shown

Table is 58, total depth 61.4, crown height is 14%' pavilion depth 43.5%, crown angle 34%, pavilion angle 41.2%, star length 45%, medium to slightly thick 3.5%, none culet


What does the comment refer to ? Anything I should take note before I order the diamond ?

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It looks OK on paper; to make a more meaningful comment, though, would require a lot more information (e.g. ASET/IS images, photos, video, Sarin scan results...)


The price is within reason; you can find diamonds that are (on paper) equivalent for significantly less money - the question is why: normally they have been seen and there is something "lacking". Also - am not sure if the price includes any tax and if so what is the value of it.

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What strikes me is the table of the diamond is very clean which is almost like vvs standard and I suppose a triple ex diamond should look brilliant ?

Clarity is irrelevant as far as brilliance goes (at least for clarity better than I2), and you cannot grade clarity from a plot - it simply does not contain the information necessary. The plot is pretty "normal" for a VS1.


Yes, a triple Excellent will look brilliant, but not all will look the same.


Would this be considered an ideal cut or h&a diamond ?


It depends on the definition of "ideal" that you want to use; probably - and I stress probably - AGS would not class this as "Ideal", but there are plenty of vendors that would call it "ideal".


H&A is a function of the symmetry (not the same as the "symmetry" grade on the report; confusing, I know) and proportions of the cut, and there is no way of saying whether this diamond would show the pattern or not. Incidentally, as there are several definitions of "ideal cut", so for "H&A". If this is important for you, ask the vendor to demonstrate the pattern and comment on it; if you can get images from an H&A scope, post them and we can offer comments too!

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Table and depth are not good predictors of light performance. The GIA cut grade (that takes into account many more parameters) is a much better indicator. Said this, GIA excellent covers a lot of ground, and based on the information you have posted it's likely to be a pretty balanced stone (fire, brilliance and sparkle) though not the absolute best.

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