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0.52 D Fl Radiant. Great Stats But...

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There's always a but!


First off I would like to say that I did a lot of research before I bought a diamond, from knowing nothing at all I have come a long way. This site and Good Old Gold were particularly useful and I would like to thank the knowledgeable regular posters here for giving their time, expertise and - most importantly - honest opinions freely. I am sure there are thousands like me who use this resource for free, you should know we are grateful.


I prefer to use bricks and mortar stores. You (usually) get professional advice, a chance to see, test and handle the goods, it supports employment and the local economy. I don't mind paying a reasonable premium for this. However, I will not pay an excessive premium and this is a problem if you live in the UK. Here is a ring from a nationwide jewelers with a presence in most towns.




It costs £2,800 ($4,400) for Diamond: 1/2 carat, Diamond clarity: P1, Diamond colour: I, cut: 73 Facet Cut (IGI Cert)


That is - in my own opinion - outrageous, and sadly typical of the UK high street jewelers. I paid a not dissimilar amount (including a VAT bill) for a


0.52 D FL Pol Ex Sym Ex Table 66.7% Depth 67% Radiant


from B2C Jewels in NYC, ordered online. But I knew there where some pitfalls. That I would not see the diamond before buying it being the main one. I now think the diamond I bought might have a pronounced bowtie, when I look at it the darker areas stay constant in certain light conditions. I would like any opinions please from these photos if possible. Also B2C advertised it as an Excellent cut. The same diamond was featured (I found it using the diamond finder above) on sale at Abazias as Very Good cut. Why the discrepancy and which is likely to be correct? I should add that I do not consider a bowtie to be a fault with a diamond, and that my experience of B2C is that they are professional, polite and efficient. I also realise that B2C may not have seen the diamond before I ordered it. Thanks in advance for any replies, Best Regards, Al





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There is no agreed upon standard for cut grading of radiants. Abazias is using one set of rules to decide it's 'very good' and B2C is using a different set of rules to decide it's 'excellent'. Given that neither one of them has actually seen the stone and they know next to nothing about it, I would take both claims with a huge grain of salt. Presumably they should both be able to tell you what the standard being used is and you can decide for yourself if there's any useful information in the claim. I would put them both in the same category of a used car salesman telling you that a car is a 'creampuff' or that BMW makes the 'ultimate driving machine'. Maybe it is but you won't get very far if you try and figure out exactly what these claims mean. I would call such claims hollow rather than deceptive but it's up to you.


An enormous component of the bowtie is the reflection of the camera when taking the photograph. That makes an out of context picture (basically meaning one that I didn't take) not very helpful for this assessment.

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