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Mark Morrell Platinum Ring: H&a Ags 1.73 H Vs1 Ags0: Tacori Style: Deep Discount


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  • Nice diamond
  • Nice workmanship on the setting
  • Nice price (assuming what the seller says is true, but since he is being quite transparent as to what he is using as a comparable, and they seem reasonable ones, why not?)
  • Seems like a sensible person to deal with - pretty forthright, makes good suggestions as to process and has clearly put a significant amount of effort in building up the information.


  • No warranty
  • No return
  • No recourse
  • No credit (though to be fair I would not advise anyone to get into debt to buy jewellery)
  • Cash only (which means even less protection - there is no credit card company to fight the battle for you,. though this is tempered by the seller's good suggestions around the use of an appraiser as escrow)
  • No service (e.g. resizing - though Mark Morrell will take care of his rings for reasonable fees)
  • Only limited resizing possible considering the shank design

On balance, if this is what you are looking for in terms of style of setting, type and size of centre stone, it's certainly worth considering. If on the other hand this is not something that you (and most importantly your girlfriend) likes, then it doesn't matter how attractive the price is: it's a wrong purchase. Before you plump for it, it may be worth taking a look at the MWM website together with your girlfriend, and "casually" ask a couple of questions about this ring...

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It looks pretty good if this is what you're shopping for. I would absolutely take him up on his offer to have it appraised by an independent pro as a contingent part of the deal and prior to paying. Someone, somewhere owned a nice diamond in a nice ring and someone is slick at video editing, but I would want more assurance that it's the right ring, set with the right diamond and in the right condition before I dove in. Appraisal services are cheap compared to the risks. If there's not a suitable appraiser nearby, consider traveling to meet with one so that you can see it live and in person. Airplane tickets are comparatively cheap too. Curiously, I didn't notice the price in the ad and I'm not eager to go back and watch it again to figure it out because the video is so bloody long. I'll take your word for it that it's priced right.


If you're considering resizing it, DO talk to the manufacturer about whether he'll do it, what are the limits, what he'll charge and his schedule for such things. I think Davide is probably right that Mark will be happy to cooperate but if it's important, I would ask him this question directly.

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He may be willing to negotiate after a while if it doesn't sell as quickly as he wants and if you're still in the market. I wish there was a reasonable way to follow it and both see if it sells and for how much. Such is life. If it were easy, no one would want to pay me to tell them what something is 'worth' so I'm not the one to complain. As a general rule, private sellers become more flexible with time and they run out of patience but a few take the position that they've got all the time in the world and it's the BUYERS who have the time pressure.

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