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Hello all,


After I bought an engagement ring I came across these guys online...




As you can see a Round 1 ct D FL for just $4700! It is not clear how the diamond is certified, but if you look in their T&Cs you will find,,,


"Every item is accompanied with an appraisal evaluated by an experienced master gemologist to Gemological Research Laboratory of America diamond grading standards. Each appraisal contains a detailed description and the replacement value of the item."


I googled 'Gemological Research Laboratory of America', but didn't find much.


In their Diamond Education section...




...it looks initially like the GIA grading scale, but if you look carefully at the graphics it seems that all grades down to VS2 have no inclusions or blemishes. They do state on that page that a Flawless Diamond has "No internal flaws or external flaws on the stone.". Does this make them liable to legal action if I buy a 'Flawless' diamond from them and it does have internal and external flaws?


All thoughts appreciated!


Best Regards

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Your question isn’t really about the dealer, it’s about this ‘appraiser’ and whether or not they provide any information that’s useful to you. Anyone who wants to call themselves an appraiser, a gem lab, a gemologist, a guru or a diamond consultant. They are welcome to write a report about what they think and they are welcome to distribute this report ‘free’ if they want to. The question is whether or not you should care.

Here are some things you already know:

1) The dealer chose them, not you.

2) By their own statement, they aren’t using the GIA grading scales.

3) You seem to be having difficulty finding a history on them.

4) You seem to have difficulty contacting them directly.

5) You are having difficulty vetting their credentials, methodology and tools.

The burden is on the appraiser to convince you that their opinions have merit and, since the dealer is the one suggesting that you should rely on them, this burden passes through to the dealer as well. Do some research. Ask some questions. The default answer is NO.

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This sounds very reasonable, since it's basically leaving them at a small loss compared to shipping and paying GIA. So the questions must be:


1) Will you get the GIA report before or after you close the purchase? When does the "return period" clock start to tick?

2) Will it be a GIA report, or a report by "a GIA graduate"?

3) Assuming the GIA report is genuine and it says something different (which it will - there is no way a 1.00 D/IF or FL is going for 1/3 to 1/6 of its value in the open market), what then?


BTW - note that their return policy clearly states that returns after 7 days incur a 20% restocking fee.

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I bought what was advertised a 1 carat D FL engagement ring from McQueen Jewelery, after paying income tax of 700 pound sterling I took it to get it valued.Long story short the stone ended up being a 0.8 carat G VS1 diamond... The certificate I got from
them stated I owned a 1.02 carat D FL diamond. Total BS! I would recommend anyone not to trust this website as they obviously don't know how to weigh or grade diamonds!


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I purchased my fiance's engagement ring from McQueen earlier this year. I had bought her a 1 carat E, VS2 solitaire from the website with a coupon for an extra $100 off. A few days later the ring was delivered by UPS. I was really happy with the quality of the stone but I wanted to get her something a little bigger. I called them and spoke with John. Since I live less than 50 miles from their office, he invited me to come in and browse the selection in person.


The following week I went in. John sat with me and we went through about 20-25 diamonds; he was very patient and taught me a lot about diamonds through the process. Most of the selection was EGL or GIA certified, only a few diamonds were AGS (what I wanted). I ended up getting a very brilliant 1.50 carat F, SI1 with GIA certification (I'll try to attach an image). I promised John not to tell anyone the price- but I'll put it this way, they really took care of me. I left that office with the biggest grin on my face, I couldn't stop smiling for days. 





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Jake's post is true.  These guys are "very good" at grading their diamonds to the point of putting what they want on a certificate that you can buy from your local Staples.


I came to their Los Angeles store and guess what I found out.  These guys own Jewelry by Novel, Ethan's jewelry, Diamond Beat and other online jewelry store.  I know because I heard it from where I was.  They let you stay in a dark room and have to wait a lot, and their phones kept on ringing.  That's why I'm wondering why they're saying different company names.


I looked at some diamond stones from Mcqueen and lo and behold, it is not what it is. I have a good eye and clearly can see inclusions that they grade as SI1 or VS, without any magnifying lenses.


Upon further research, the online companies mentioned have a lot of bad reviews.  Take a look at their website and you can tell that they all have the same sales pitch. These people definitely owns them and other online jewelry store that fool people thinking that they're legit. Call each of the companies and make an appointment.  If they ask you to go to a location in downtown LA with all having the same address, then the probably own it... I did call the companies Jewelry by Novel, Ethan's jewelry, Diamond Beat; guess where is their address when I want to come in to look at the stones? They all have the same address as Mcqueen jewelry; same suite number too.


These people are scam and I would definitely say that Akbar Mashti above was a name these guys created to protect themselves. After my post, they will surely respond with a differnt name.



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Ha, my real name is Akbar Mashti and I am a real customer of McQueen Jewelry.


I have no idea where you went shopping, but they have a big showroom in the jewelry district with a big sign saying "McQueen Jewelry". And what jewelry store would have a "dark room"?

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Hello- I wanted to share my recent purchasing experience.


I visited the McQueen Jewelry showroom in Downtown Los Angeles and was incredibly impressed by their inventory and selection. We went there based off a recommendation from a family friend from Las Vegas who also came into their showroom last December. I mainly collect costume jewelry but my husband decided to spoil me for my birthday. I was shown rings, bracelets and necklaces from their display based on my budget and ended up purchasing a ring set. 


We received a signed appraisal for our insurance company, noting the sets' color, clarity, and carat weights and the insurance process took only 20 minutes. Well worth it- everyone should insure their jewelry. The insurance company only needed a copy of the appraisal so I can keep the original with me.  


I am very surprised by the comment about the showroom being owned by other companies and being dark/ringing phones - I thought their showroom was beautiful and had signs about the McQueen Jewelry customer support team and blog . We were given tea, sat in comfy chairs, talked to the staff about their jewelry preferences. It was a similar experience to what we had at chain jewelry store several years ago when we bought our wedding rings. My mother always said to see things with your own eyes before spreading gossip- and I liked what I saw. 


There are hundreds of diamonds retailers in Downtown Los Angeles but McQueen gets my money from now on. Hope my review was helpful!






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