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Which One?


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I'm researching on buying my engagement ring. This is my first time buying a diamond and have narrow it down to a few choices, but not sure which is the best value for the price. Any advise would be great!! Thanks in advance.



Whiteflash.com, item code AGS-104055219018

price $7112

with pricescope wire $6685


Round/ .77/E/VVS1/ideal cut

polish ideal/symmetry ideal

depth 61.6

table 56.3

crown angle 34.9

crown% 75.3


culet pointed

girdle thin-med


Brillantearth.com Stock Number: K8949.10907

price $6920

round .77/ Super Ideal cut/ F/ VVS1

polish excellent

symmerty excellent

depth 59.6

table 60.


culet none

girdle med

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"Best value" is a highly subjective concept. Many people would rather have a 1.00 carat H/SI or a 1.50 H/VS2 princess of indifferent cut, and those are as good value (or as poor) as a 0.75 E/VVS.


Which actually brings me to a question: why did you pick two VVS1 stones, and of such high colour? Have you actually seen diamonds of different colours and decided you prefer D-F ones? As to clarity, do you realise that a VVS1 (or a FL for that matter) will look no different than a VS2 (or a good SI) once set?


The Brilliantearth site seems to be down at the moment, so I can't find the details of their stone, however I suspect at the price level it's going to be much of a muchness on paper - you may well prefer one or the other, but you'd need to see them both together. As things stand, I would make the choice based on the seller, not the diamond. To what extent do you get along with the people at either place? How willing are they to help and provide more information, and how interesting/competitive are the "fringe benefits" that they offer?

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AGS grading generallly commands a slight premium.

E color generally commands a slight premium.


On the other side, BrilliantEarth generally specializes on stones with a documented and guaranteed provenance. That commands a slight premium. You didn't mention if that's the case here.


The stones are otherwise very similar and I see no reason to call one better or worse than the other. The difference is price is within the fluff of the shipping and the sales taxes and I second the notion of choosing based on who you want to give your business to.

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