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Flush Fit Settings


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Yes and no. Each bezel has to be made to accommodate the stone in a precise and individual way. However, the rest of the ring can be more or less "made to stock". For example, this setting here exists in two versions: for a halo setting with bezel:




or with prongs (apologies for the small photo):




However, they both sit on the same "base" setting, which looks like this seen from the side:




I'm not suggesting for a second you but something like this - it's too tall to be worn under tight-fitting gloves - but this brings up an even more important requirement than flush fitting: low setting!


You can get not-snagging round prongs and you can get the stone not to stick out too much, but unless the design is low on the finger, it won't work too well under gloves any way!

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Low setting.  Is that the term I need to use?  Thnaks for the help on that, I am trying to figure out this engagement thing again.  


Basically I am not suppose to go broke this time that is the rule so fully custom is out and I cannot take money out of savings another rule she gave me rules to follow.

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Both very sensible rules - and you can always "blame" the result on her. ;)


"Flush fitting" indicates that the stone is set flush with the surface. No claws or prongs, or even a bezel that sticks out.

"Low setting" indicates that the whole setting is low and close to the finger.


One does not imply the other, and ideally for fitting under gloves you want both. If you have to sacrifice one, let go of flush setting, but make sure that prongs are low in profile and rounded in form, (and that they hug the stone very closely), or that any bezel is not standing too proud. I think something like the large photos above should be totally snag-proof, but you do need to get it done in a low setting design.


For example, I found this: this is flush AND low:




and it doesn't cost the earth ($900 in 18k gold for something custom made). Or if you want something a little more elaborate, how about this, with a double bezel?




it stands a little higher, but nothing to snag into... and it's about $1000 for the setting, again custom made to fit the centre.



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