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Well, Finally Found The Right Engagement Ring!


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I'll have to be back when she says I do, and have a picture of her wearing it!!!


Reading this forum has been very informative, thanks for the time everyone puts in every day.


1.00 carat, GIA graded I color, VS2 clarity, Very Good cut grade.

(I can't see any noticeable inclusions, even with a 10x loupe, I'm very happy about that.)


Excellent polish and symmetry, none culet, strong blue fluorescence.

(However, it appears faint to medium blue for me, in sunlight I get only a bit of blue, would you agree?)


Scores 2.0 on the Holloway Cut Advisor.

Medium - slightly thick faceted (4.5%), 57% table, 62.7% depth.

The diamond is 6.32 - 6.37 x 3.98 mm.


Here's some indoor and outdoor photos and attached the GIA report, any thoughts?












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Nice photos - thank you for posting. And super congratulations!


And yes, that is definitely strong blue fluorescence. It's not supposed to turn the diamond into a sapphire.




I was able to test it out with a UV light last night, definitely strong fluorescence. Looks good to me!

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