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Asscher Diamond 0.5-0.7 Ct Size Question


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Depth and table are not meaningful/useful for cut selection except in very broad terms. They may sort out obvious dogs, but will be of no help in figuring out what is good.


Bear in mind that many if not most of the diamonds you see advertised e.g. on the Diamond Finder will be available to them, therefore in many cases inventory choice is largely the same. Before you focus on choosing the diamond, focus on choosing the dealer:


1. Do you get along with them and their style? Do they seem to know what they are talking about?

2. Are they honest about what they sell (e.g. not spouting any nonsense about EGL being less expensive than GIA), and do they back their goods up with an unconditional return policy?

3. Can they provide the information you will need to choose the diamond - be it photos, videos, ASET images, Sarin scans, ...

4. Are they willing to find multiple stones for you to compare?


Once you have found a dealer for which the answers are "yes", work with them and use their skills, connections and advice to help you find the best stone.


Any "true" Asscher will be square by definition, so l/w will always be below 1.05. GIA will denote such diamonds as "square emerald cut".

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