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Please Give Me Advice On This 1.46 Round Diamond, Thanks.


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We are looking into buying a round diamond with the following specifications and an EGL Israel certificate.

I saw the diamond in person and love its fire.

The jewelry owner is willing to send to GIA and I know it will come down from the information I'm including here but it seems that the price is right. But, I'm sure you will let me know if that is not the case.



Color: G

Clarity: VS1

Cut: EX

Polish: EX

Symmetry: EX

Culet: None

Flourescence: None

Depth: 62.1%

Table width: 58%

Crown heigh15%

Pavillion 43%

Girdle: Medium


Comments: 8 Hearts & Arrows....etc.

Price: $8,750


This might be the only diamond we will be able to buy for a long, long time and I do not want for us to make a big mistake. Your honest advice is really appreciated. Thanks.

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Problem: if it is indeed a G/VS1, the price would be a fabulous bargain. So we know it's not one. But what is it?


If it were priced fairly, it could be a J/SI1. Which is well within the realm of possibility starting with an EGL-Israel G/VS1 grade.


However, it could also be a K/SI1 or a J/SI2 (still possible), in which case it is significantly overpriced.


If the vendor is prepared to send it to GIA, then let him; at least at that point you will have a fair basis on which to compare prices. Be prepared for a 2 months wait, though. If you don't want to wait, GIA offers a "next day" service for 2x the normal fees (so $100 extra for this stone), and you could offer to the dealer to pay the extra fees.


Don't buy a diamond with these specs (including the price) without a GIA report. You are asking for trouble.

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OK. have him send it to GIA. If the specs are right and you already love the stone then it's a fine deal. If the specs are off then the deal is off and HE gets to eat the shipping and the GIA bill. Don't hold your breath.


You mentioned this as a 'jewelry owner'. Is the stone set? (GIA will only grade unmounted stones). Is this a dealer or a private seller?

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Thanks so much for replying to my post.

I have been doing quite some reading and that is why we did not feel comfortable with only having the EGL Israel certificate. It seems that he already sent it to GIA so we will wait and see what comes out of that. I have read about EGL Israel being 2 grades down in color and one grade down on clarity, but, have you also read/know about them being way off in the cut and overall measurements? Again, many, many thanks.

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It'll be interesting to see how it comes back. Keep us posted.


EGL can be anywhere from dead on to as much as 4 or 5 grades different on the various attributes. That's the problem. Their measurements and weights are usually pretty good but they us a completely different scale for cut grading that doesn't really convert.

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Hi DenverAppraiser:

This is a loose stone. Verbally I agreed that if the stone comes no lower than "I" in color and no lower than "VS2" (and all the other things remaining the same) we were going to buy it for that amount. But, of course, being new at this game and even knowing that I look at several online places and think even if it comes out from GIA lower it might still be a good deal....I'm still nervous and .....guess I need a bit of "hand holding" on this one from you all. Many thanks.

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Hi Davidelevi and Denverappraiser:


I promise to share with all the GIA report once I get it. I know this is always interesting to see, and helps everyone get educated on the purchasing of a certified diamond.

Any other advice from anyone else will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!!

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At least it is a good sign that he is willing to send it to another lab to get it graded and certified. Either way, you are an informed buyer so if this diamond doesn't work out you know you didn't waste your time or money on a stone that didn't meet your standards. Good luck!

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