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August Vintage Old Mine Cushion Questions


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I have fallen in LOVE with these diamonds. I watch all of the youtube videos by the guy from Good Old Gold and love them. I love to compare the cuts and colors, etc.


I used to only love princess cuts but am starting to appreciate many more cuts. I have started a collection of rings and or diamond "things" and would LOVE to have my engagement ring upgrade be a August Vintage Old Mine Cushion. My question is....is this a brand? Is this only sold by this company. It's never a choice when searching for diamonds yet on the site they come with GIA certs. Would it ever be possible to find one of these diamonds at a local jewler or to have them get one? They also seem to cost more than other more "normal" cuts. I just love the chunky facets and I love the vintage feel of the old mine cut. I have a .5 carat pendant (used to be in my Grandfather's gents ring) that I had removed. It has a large cutlet but is not as chunky.


Does anyone else have experience with these or have any idea if they can be found elsewhere or anything of that nature. I probably won't be able to upgrade to one since I didn't get my original stone from GOG and would have to upgrade at my local jeweler.


I have been a long time lurker and I love reading all the posts.....even though I wish there were more and more pictures of the rocks! Thanks in advance to anyone.

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Yes "August Vintage" is a brand - as much as any other. They are available exclusively through GOG; in fact they are cut on spec for them.


GIA will grade pretty much anything that is submitted to them - so I'm not sure what your comment "yet they come with GIA reports" means.


There are other "old style, new cut" cushions available. We have our own "brand" - with quite a few available here: http://rockdiamond.c...ntique-cushions, though they are generally cut using different (more coloured) rough than the one that GOG uses, and using different cut parameters. We also sell diamonds and rings by Daussi, which has a very individual cutting style that is somewhere between old/chunky and modern/crushed ice. Turnowski is another dealer that has old style diamonds cut to spec, and of course one can always find the original old cuts (we have some listed on the same page linked above, or you can try old cuts specialists like Erica Grace or Single Stone) - they won't usually be cut to the same standards of symmetry and precision as modern stones, but I find them often more charming and "alive". There are others offering this type of stone too - I don't know them all!


As to upgrading from GOG - you never know; you are unlikely to get the same valuation for your stone as what you may get from your "old" jeweller, but you may well get an interesting offer all the same. We do buy good quality pieces that we did not make, or take them in exchange for new pieces, and GOG does the same; in fact they were born as an estate jewellery shop.


Finally, one tiny vocabulary point: it's culet. Cutlets are best marinated and barbecued.

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