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lol. I guess I can share as much as I know right now.


Before Christmas I started a thread discussing the potential purchase of a half carat FIP argyle or a 4ct FLY...well I decided on the Argyle but the vendor and I couldn't agree on terms. The Argyle sold.


Slightly bruised and defeated I needed something to lift my spirits and hold off my argyle urges until I find another prospect. The diamond in my avatar is that stone. The diamond is currently at GIA getting the full work up as it only came with an IGI report.


The vendor sent it to GIA for me and I haven't seen it yet, but according to IGI it is .34ct Fancy Pink, cushion, SI2, 4.16 x 3.50 x 2.48


I'm curious to see the differences between IGI and GIA grading, if any, but I probably won't see it for a couple months,

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Thanks Davide, I know it won't compare to the Argyle. It was literally 1/10th the price. It was just a little purchase to help ease the pain of my loss. I'm still looking for a FIP Argyle and I'm determined to find one that works for me.


I'll post some pics here when she comes in

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Well, I just got the results from GIA...




Fancy Pink





Fancy Light Pink




I can't say I'm too surprise that there are discrepancies, but I am surprised that IGI gave it a SI2 and GIA gave it SI1. The report isn't back yet, I will post some pics once they get here.


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The stone is still at GIA. The above info was given verbally.


This vendor I bought from sent the stone to GIA for me. They are based is in israel. I have to wait for GIA to ship to them and then they will ship it off to me. I'm hoping for a couple weeks, but prepared for more.


I guess I'm kind of strange. I never have plans when I buy. I try to buy stones that I think are pretty and offer a good value for what they are. This stone was rather discounted because of the IGI report. I wonder why vendors don't send already graded stones to GIA. I know the fancy pink IGI grade may look more impressive compared to the FLP but it was priced much below Fancy pink and even lower than FLP typically are.


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