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E Vs F Color


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I am trying to decide which of these two diamonds to buy. They differ in price and color (E vs F; 10% price difference) They both have SI1 clarity rating but the F color one has some crystals on the table (from the plot on the GIA report - I found both diamonds online so I can't look at the actual stones) and the E color one has a long feather that stretches across 20% of the pavilion . I wonder if the crystal will be very noticeable (i.e. can be seen 1 ft away) and if the long feather will affect the durability of the stone (i.e. cause the stone to split upon impact).


The F stone is below my budget and the E stone is just over my budget. But I wouldn't mind paying more for the E stone if it is quite a bit better than the F stone or if it is better value. Can an average person easily tell the difference between the two stone or are the differences only on paper? Any help is greatly appreciated!






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E vs. F you will definitely not see the difference in colour once set.


The feather is below the girdle, in the middle of the stone. It's unlikely to be a durability problem, but the only way to be sure is to see it.


Is it visible? Are the crystals visible? Unfortunately the only way of telling is again to see the diamond. Even online stores will sometimes call stones in for inspection, and at the very least they have access to the wholesaler who has the stone and can ask. Check the vendors's return policy - if they have a good period allowed and no restocking charges, you can always send the diamond back for $50 round trip shipping charges.

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