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Solomon Brothers Or Not?!


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It depends on what you mean by "safe".


Solomon are a large single-store brick-and-mortar jeweller and they also advertise and trade online. Their policies are clearly stated on the site, and are pretty reasonable as these things go. Their prices are competitive. Their BBB record is good and they don't show up on ripoffreport or similar sites, meaning that their customers are happy enough not to complain. If you buy something from their site it will be delivered as described, and you will be charged the agreed price.


Safe enough?


Maybe. It depends on what you want to buy, the amount of advice you need, the level of service you require pre- and post-sale. If you are buying a GIA-graded, round brilliant, D-I colour, VS2+ clarity set in one of the many standard settings available, you are perfectly safe. If you are interested in a fancy vivid yellow cushion in a custom-made setting, then a list-based internet seller which does not have photographs of individual diamonds is not a good place to start in my opinion.

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I'm a bit less harsh than Davide comes across. That's the same vetting set that I would apply to any vendor, inclluding him, and it simply rules out the most obvious problems. At the same time, the fact that it's not more decisive isn't necessarily a slam. For example, saying that you can be comfortable giving them your credit card number is correct and important but it can seem like damning with faint praise in isolated context. I'm confident this wasn't the intention. That comes from being both a remote observer and a direct competitor. Whether or not they have what you want at a price you're willing to pay and are they able to communicate in a way that works for you are entirely different questions. You are part of that equation as well as them. That's not what you asked and I'm not sure we could give a straight answer even if you did for obvious reasons. That said, they've been around a long time, they are a generally well regarded company to work with, and I think they would fall solidly into the category of 'safe' vendors to consider. (And yes, you can be comfortable giving them your credit card number :P ).

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