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Referral For Custom Design


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So I'm looking at a ring that is less traditional. I'm asking for a referral to a jeweler who will do a custom design for me.


Basics.. I want a ring that is a large sleeve. The idea is that each year we are together I would add another diamond.. say .50 carat or so, different shapes as well. I would like to be able to fit 10 diamonds on it for 10 years.. Likely upgrade to a larger stone at the end of 10. I have seen something like this recently but did not have a chance to really inspect or ask questions.


I have a very vague idea of how to do this so that it looks nice, can be worn all the time, and can support the added diamonds without looking off..


My lady has a petite frame but large hands.. I think she could support something like this easy.


Anyone out there ever seen something like this, or know of a good jeweler that can fabricate?


Thanks in advance for the assistance.



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I have to say, never seen anything like this in a ring. In a bracelet or necklace - yes. Fabrication should not be a huge problem (if you are prepared to pay effectively the cost of a new ring less the metal every year), but I don't think you will ever get to have 10 x 0.50 ct. stones in anything that is comfortable and safe to wear (not sticking out too much): 50 mm of diamonds (10 x 4.5 mm + space) will go around the upper half of a size 24 hand...

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