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Engagement Ring Advice (Before Purchase)


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Hi Folks,


I am about to buy a ring but I just want to make sure everything is right. Okay, after looking for a long time here are the details on what I have chosen...


Brilliant Round engagement ring with 4 claw

Carat: 0.60

Colour: D

Clarity: VS2

Certificate: IGI/GIA

Ring: Platinum

Ring Size: J


Here is the link to the ring: http://bit.ly/ymM3aC


Couple of questions;


1. Is this website completely legitimate? I have seen bad review however I think these are for the website without the hyphen which is American I believe and not British.


2. Do you think by choosing an IGI/GIA certificate I am safeguarding myself from been given any old diamond.


My girlfriend loves this style and i hope the colour/clarity I have chosen will give us the biggest sparkle for our money. I have emailed them to ask them about polish & symmetry etc, is their anything I am missing?


Thanks in advance & Happy New Year!

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1. It depends on what you mean by "legitimate". They are not a scam; if you send them the money, I have no doubt you will get a ring as described on the page. Whether that responds to your expectations or is a good deal are completely different questions.


2. Well, there's at least two distinct issues here. One is that IGI and GIA are emphatically not the same thing. It's a bit like saying "you can have a Fiat or a Rolls Royce". The second issue is that any lab will grade any diamond; there is nothing magical (or particularly expensive) about a GIA report, nor are they difficult to obtain. However, with a GIA report you are in much safer territory than with IGI or EGL in terms of the basics on which diamonds are priced (colour and clarity), and you can compare prices with greater certainty.


3. Yes, you are missing quite a lot. Colour and clarity have very little to do with sparkle. Cut - which is not even mentioned on the page as an attribute of the diamond you would be buying and is given a very very cursory treatment on the site you linked - is the most important variable in determining a diamond's looks.


In addition to the points above, I would be wary of the vendor for other reasons too. Buying a diamond ring from a site that does not display even a proper photo of the setting - or gives you the precise data of the specific diamond you are going to get - is in my opinion asking for trouble. And the CAD rendering shows signs of the design being made cheaply and for easy adaptation to many different stones.


I would recommend that prior to placing an order with 365 or with anybody else, you spend some time (not much - a Saturday morning or afternoon) going to a decent jeweller to look at different diamond colours, clarities and cut qualities. You don't need to buy, but at the very least you need to get a better idea of what you are going to like. For example, I believe you decided for a "D" colour because you felt a G or H would look yellow. They don't, and you would have a hard time distinguishing a properly graded, well cut G from a D once they are set.

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