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It Is Here And Beautiful


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I finally received the appraisal back from Trigem. The person who graded it has these qualifications:

Graduate gemologist (GIA)

Member:Natl Assoc of jewelry appraisers

Member:American Society of jewelry historians

Member: Scottish Gemmological Assoc

Member:Jeweler's Vigilance committee



He was so booked up I just received my appraisal. I was very concerned due to the angles however he said the angles with the particulars produced a beautiful brilliant stone with lots of scintillation. Less colorful dispersion but lots of white light. I have better pics to add later. I know lying on a white background isn't great. He did give it a retail appraisal considerably higher than what was paid and that was with gold having recently dropped to 1531.00 per troy ounce.


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Super congratulations!


Just one word of caution on the appraisal: ask the appraiser what his view of fair retail replacement value should be, not the price one would pay at Tiffany's. Bear in mind that an inflated appraisal value will only result in you paying more for insurance, nothing else.

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The reason I liked him is because he did not inflate. Upfront he said I don't fluff egos because I give actual replacement value. He said it doesn't benefit a consumer to insure jewelry for inflated retail. He knew where we bought it so with all the pirameters he told us what we could replace it for on the retail market as well as online vendors. It was purchased in November and diamonds went up however gold went down. he said a few weeks ago it would have appraised higher due to gold having been higher then. He also said the crown angle was shallow but with the pavillion angle it worked very well and produced lots of sparkle although losing the dispersion of all the colors.

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