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Extremely Thin Girdle On Diamond For Pendant


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Hi Everyone,


I had been looking for a nice necklace to wear every day, so my fiancé recently got me a pendant as a gift. We both went to the store to pick the diamond together. I looked at several different ones in different types of lighting, and I chose one that I think is absolutely beautiful.


The diamond is a princess cut (my favorite), and it was graded by the GIA - .51 carats, F color, and SI1 clarity, with very good polish and good symmetry. To be honest, I didn't scrutinize the report nearly as much as I did when choosing my engagement ring diamond, because this is a pendant, and a much smaller investment.


Today, when we picked up our finished pendant, I glanced at the diamond's report, and noticed that the girdle is 'extremely thin to very thick'. When looking at diamonds for my engagement ring, I heard that this is not good at all - but I know that the rationales were that the diamond could be chipped during the setting process, and also that it could be chipped in a ring, since we are often rough on our hands and hit them on things.


My question is, would this really be a concern for me now? At this point, the diamond has already been set. Also, since it's set in a pendant and not in a ring, I don't think that it would be likely to receive as many blows or accidental hits.


Oh, and the corners seem to be protected, since the prongs are over them.


Thanks so much for the advice!

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