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Is This A Good Deal?


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I have recently purchased a 0.84 carat brilliant round diamond from Jared for $3200 and would like to know if it is a good deal or not.


It is I.G.I cert with F in color, VS2 in clarity, good polish, very good symmetry, and no treatment. Its measurment is 5.76 x 5.80 x 3.84 mm.


When I bought the diamond, I only received a small laminated certification from I.G.I. The thing that bothers me about this is that the certification does not list the cut grade. I went to the igi website and learned that there is a diamond report that come with all their diamonds. So I asked Jared but they told me that they don't have the diamond report and I would have to pay a few hundred dollars more for them to send me a report. I called I.G.I. directly and asked about the cut grade. They, however, told me that when the manufacturer sends a diamond in to be reviewed, they didn't ask for the cut grade. They could mail me the report for $25 but it will not tell me the cut grade either. Is this weird? Also, the sale lady told me that if polish is good and symmetry is very good, then the cut would be very good. Is this right? The diamond itself is beautiful but small as expected.

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IGI doesn't do a cut grade on most of their reports and it would require a new inspection of the unmounted stone to use a lab that does. Given that you already own the stone and are apparently happy with it I would not recommend this. If you get the crown angles and such form the IGI website you may be able to estimate it with the GIA system using the online tool at www.facetware.gia.edu but I don't remember if IGI supplies all the needed information. They're at www.igiworldwide.com. Polish and symmetry are not the same thing. The $25 report from IGI won't tell you anything you don't already know other than I think it contains a plotting diagram.


That said, it sounds like you're happy with the stone and don't have much to gain from this exercise. If it ain't broke, don't fix it is a decent rule. Good deal? It was probably more expensive than a similar stones elsewhere but that doesn't necessarily mean it was an unwise purchase. Presumably you picked Jared's for a reason but they have a more expensive distribution model than most of their competitors and that does lead to higher prices.

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I called IGI and requested more info on the diamond. Their diamond report is more thorough than the COA cert that Jared had given me. Although the IGI lady on the phone couldn't tell me everything on the diamond report, she did reluctantly tell me that the cut is good, depth 66.4% and table 55%. I know cut is everything but I thought good cut is good enough. Is this true? Now with more information, do you think it is a bad deal then? You may be thinking that for $3200, you can't expect much and the deal is not that bad. However, I would rather go up on price and get a better ring. I bought this ring from Jared at vault value, which discounted from $4100 to $3200. The sale lady kept saying that this ring should be around $5000 but I highly doubt it. I just want to know the "true" value of the diamond. I still have 30 days money back guaranteed so I still want to make sure i'm 100% satisfied.


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Because a depth of 66% is generally not indicative of a great cut. The effect may simply be that of having a smaller-than-otherwise stone, or it may be impacting the actual light reflection; usually both. With a diameter of 5.78, we know it is smaller than the best cut 0.8x diamonds by about 0.25 mm. This isn't much visually - but it is a significant clue that weight retention was a main goal in cutting this stone.


I am not familiar with the IGI cut grade scale, but for GIA a grade of "Good" on a modern cut stone is not a particularly good sign; it puts the diamond in the bottom 10% of cut quality (sight unseen - which is all we have here) and it makes it more difficult to market in many ways.


With the information you have posted, there is no way of saying anything more. At the very least, one would need the crown height (or better crown/pavilion angles), and the girdle thickness.


In any case, if you like it, there's nothing wrong with it, and you probably paid a reasonable price (it's always tough to say with non-GIA grades, but it doesn't sound out of the ballpark).


For cut comparison purposes, ask Jared to show you some of their "Peerless" line diamonds: these are all AGS 000/Ideal cut stones, and as close to the industry's idea of a well cut diamond as you are going to get. If they can show you a "Peerless" stone in a setting similar to the one you have, it would be a much fairer comparison.


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For price comparison purposes, use the 'diamond finder' utility at the top of the page and search for something similar. A decent guess for comparable stones to an IGI-good will be the low to mid-range for EGL graded stones with similar claims for weight/clarity/color.


The GIA grading scale goes Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor. That seems like 'good' is right in the middle but more than 80% of the stones graded are either excellent or very good and 'fair' and 'poor' are effectively non-existant in the marketplace. (Those stones get sent to other labs who either don't cut grade or that use a different scale where it looks better). That puts you at or near the bottom of the GIA range. It's entirely possible that this is the reason that IGI was chosen for this particular stone. IGI should be able to explain to you what their scale is like if you ask them.


Not to diparage the Jareds' staff but commission sales clerks in full on presentation mode are NOT a good source for deciding what is and what is not a 'deal'. If they could have sold it for $5000 they would have done exactly that and we wouldn't be having this conversation in the first place. If you want to know the 'true' value, talk to a 'true' appraiser about it.

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Thank you so much for both advices!!! I just compared my stone with similar EGL graded stones and the price seems reasonable. So I think I'm going to stick with this stone and keep the option of upgrading it later in the future. I know $3200 isn't very expensive compared to other stones out there but I just want to "feel" better about the choices I've made. I know I could have had a better deal online such as bluenile and other independent stores but I was set with this particular setting from Jared and wanted to buy the stone at the same place I bought the setting to keep the warranty. Thank you all for the information and advices!

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