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Help Resizing A Men's Tacori Wedding Band


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I got a great deal on a men's Tacori wedding band on ebay the ring is a size 10.5 and my fiance wears a 10.25 no local jewelers will resize it because of the detail inside the band please help our wedding is in march 2012 and I'm afraid it won't get done we live in Orlando Florida if anyone in the area can help



the ring is 18k white gold


model number 625wpb

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Your best bet is talking to a Tacori dealer to help you with this. Resizing is pretty common for any wedding band so I see no issue with this. Though you could take a number of routes to get it done. If the size is considerable, I guess the only option would be to put a gap right within the band so it will accommodate more space, but not a lot of people fancy that thinking that may be the cause of some marriages cracking down.

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the ring is a size 10.5 and my fiance wears a 10.25 



I'm new here and I was just looking through the different sections and saw this.  My initial reaction was for a quarter of a ring size, how about just gaining 5 pounds?  Then I noticed the question was dated in 2011 and wonder if you got the ring size reduced, is it now too tight for him?  (Considering how many people gain a little weight after they marry.) :)

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