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Should I Buy 4.01 Round Brilliant?


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I am considering purchasing a 4.01 round brilliant stone with EGL certificate for price of 48,721:

  • measurements 10.30 - 10.36 X 6.17
  • Cut grade: Excellent
  • Depth 59.5 %
  • Table 59 %
  • Crown Height 13 %
  • Pavilion Depth 44 %
  • Girdle Medium, faceted
  • Polish Excellent
  • Symmetry Excellent
  • Cutlet none
  • VS2
  • No florescence
  • Color H
  • Comments: premium cut

The measurements and weight have been verified and the clarity. The color is probably closer to an I then H. Can you advise whether this is a reasonable price for the on-paper description? Thank you for any assistance.

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I have seen the diamond. The dealer measured and weighed in my presense. Also, compared color with two different sets of grading stones and put in a white paper tray. Yellow tint was visible that way. I think the grading sets were cubics.


The cut grades were both listed on the certificate. Under proportions it said cut grade: excellent; and, at the bottom of the page it had under comments a blurb about 8 hearts and arrows and that is where it says premium cut.


Yes, US dollars.


I'm not sure about which lab...not US...the certificate No is EGL followed by ten numerals.

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OK, so your color grade is coming from dealer and yourself grading using CZ masters and I presume the clarity grade is from this same session. Proportions are coming from EGL. Now shop for comps. The database here with the ‘diamond finder’ is a good place to start.


Start with 4.0-4.10/H/VS2/EGL only. Make note of what you find.


Then search for GIA graded stones only. Look at clarity down to VS2 - SI2 and color down to K. Search every combination. That’ll tell you where your boundaries are. You’ve already conceded the point that EGL is wrong so they don't apply. You’re betting on the dealer and your own grading skills. Looking up comps will help decide where your boundaries are. My guess is that it’ll be about right for an SI1/J and a bit too high for lower than that on either or both grades.


The issue here is grading, even though what you asked about was price. You’re betting on the dealer's and your own skills to make the grading call. EGL isn't involved. Neither am I and I can't give much council on that since I've never seen the stone. Are you comfortable relying on their statement that it's a VS2/I? If not, do you have the opportunity to use an independent grader who is working for YOU, not the seller who you would consider to be reliable?

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Thank you for your quick responses. I am comfortable with the VS2/I. I have a long history with the dealer and he is not making any money off of me and I've seen his invoice --so I think that he is working for me and I do believe he is reliable. I will take your advice and see what I find. One more quesion -- do you see any red flags, other then the discrepancy in the color grade?


I guess like many who write on the blog -- it's a lot of money and I want to get what I pay for at a fair price.

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The red flag is EGL and in-house grading on a 4 carat high end stone. It doesn't make sense for the cutter to do this, and THAT is the problem. None of the specs you've given are alarming. If correctly graded,that's a fair price.


By the way, a dealer claim that he's making no money because you're such a long term client is another red flag. If he's not making money from you, where DOES he make his money? Some other guy, right? So what's he telling THAT guy? There's nothing wrong with dealers making money and they're ALL trying to do it. It's their job. I'm highly suspicious of those who claim to be the exception.

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To put Neil's red flag in another perspective:


A GIA report for a 4.00-4.99 diamond is $288. This is about 0.5% of the price, and EGL while cheaper is not free. Why was the money not spent on getting a far more credible/reliable grade? What was the person who got the report trying not to disclose?

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