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Heirloom Ring, Rebuilt


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Tomorrow I get back my Grandfather's OLD ring, probably from the 1920s early. He was born in 1892, so that is about the right time frame for this ring.


Gypsy Setting, six prongs split shank. Has (or should say Had) a Miners Cut .76 carat Diamond. (Now .70 carat) Ring was 2 sizes too small and the diamond was chipped and abraided. SO over the last month, had the following done to it.


1.) Resized

2.) Two sizing balls inside (to allow it to go over my knuckles and still fit well

3.) Stone removed and repaired chips, recut, and polished. LOST only .06 points, as they kept the old miner cut and polished the girdle and made the cutlet smaller in the process of resurfacing the stone

4.) Reset the stone and retipped the six prongs as they were getting worn.


Interestingly enough when resizing from a 9 to an 11 rather than add gold, they increased the size of the hole in the ring (behind the stone) to gather enough gold to resize and add the sizing beads/balls. It really added to the light behind the stone.


The above work including shipping etc was $490 and now will have an heirloom stone to be proud of -insteading of always apologizing for its condition. NOW mind you this is not a perfect stone, Now nicely cut and properly set in its original setting, the mine cut retains its old cut style and is (I was told) a SI1 and K color. Will try to get some photos of this ring. First jeweler who resized the ring, was intent upon me getting a NEW Rock in the ring (starting with 8-11K price points). They just did not get it, it is not the diamond, it is the history. Anyway, the second jeweler understood and I had the stone repaired.


Will try to get photos tomorrow or the next day. I have no before shots. Thought forum members would like to know that this can be done and what the cost and results are--at least in this case

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I look forward to the photos - as you say, it's not the diamond or the ring, it's the history, but nevertheless it sounds like an interesting stone. And a very fair price, if I may say. You may want to let people know who did the work - self-advertising is not allowed on the forum, but recommendations are always welcome!

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Kokkinos Jewelers in Ocean City, MD did the work, although the recutting they sent out to NYC, but the owner is a Certified Master Bench Jeweler


They do like most stores have a website. Link is http://www.kokkinoscreations.com/index.php


Being in a Beach town, they do have alot with beach/ocean theme items, but they have developed a local following which is required by any business that is in a seasonal location.


I just point out that these services are available and likely your local jeweler has a recutter connection as well. I think it was well worth the time, cost and effort

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