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4 Igi Certified Diamonds Between 4.65 - 6.7 Carats For Sale


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I have 4 diamonds which i have recently got certified from igi after reading the advice on this forum. I am attaching the certificates and would appreciate your help in guiding me how to receive a fair price for it. I am currently located in mumbai, india.

many thanks for your help.


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I don't know much about the secondary market in India to give you advice on working it. In the US these would be difficult items to sell. K-O/P, brown tinted colors and spready cuts are the most difficult item to move right now and you've got all of these things. There are a few dealers who specialize in this sort of thing and they do seem o be able to succeed and you might want to start buy looking for a consignment partner. In general they look much better in person than people are expecting when they are buying based on a report. Are there stores who sell this sort of thing on consignment? Davide, a regular participant here, works for a company that sells this sort of thing although they are based in the US. You might try contacting them either as a selling agent or as a buyer. Perhaps try with only one of them and see if you have a successful channel before you sell all 4. Unless you're in a huge hurry I don't see much gained by trying to sell them as a group.

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Again, I don't know your local market and that's going to be the key. Go shopping. You can do a bit online at the various online dealers and see if they've got something similar for sale but I'm not sure it's really going to answer your question of what YOU can get for them. These are pretty exotic stones. Around here, consignment dealers charge between 20-40% of what they can get and outright buyers pay about half. Your results may vary. It's worth noting that these are not easy things to sell. The dealer who asks the most and will work for the least may or may not actually be the best choice. ASKING a lot is not the same as getting it and on consignment deals you don't get paid until they actually find a buyer and they actually get paid. Dig a bit into their credibility before you send them your stuff.



I just looked at one specifically, the 6.70 round. In the US or European market this is going to be a candidate for recut and I'll be very surprised if India is different. In cut lingo, 'fair' means terrible. The L color, brown tint and the strong fluorescence are going to be problems as well but the size is an advantage. I’m not sure it will benefit you to get it cut because the costs and risks are not insignificant and you might as well let the customer do it unless you think you can find a retail buyer. I’m curious. Why did you choose IGI for your grading?


Here's a summary of the lab report for the benefit of others who might want to comment.


Lab: IGI Mumbai

6.70 round brilliant

L faint brown


Cut: Fair

polish/symmetry VG/G

12.69 x 12.78 x 7.10

24.5 crown

42.0 pavilion

v thin - sl thick girdle

70% table. 55.7% depth

Strong fluoresencence

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Assuming the strong fluroescence isn't in the category of 'overblue' and that the other grading attributes are reasonably accurate, I would expect it to go for about $20k to a US dealer, $30k if you can retail it. I would not expect it to get much enthusiasm but it IS a 6 carater and that counts for a lot even if it does have some issues. If your dealers insist on YOU quoting a price, ask $40k and see what they have to say.

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