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Tough Decision


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I'm trying to choose between 2 diamonds...


A: 1.56 carat, D color, VS1, EX, EX, EX. Medium Blue Fluorescence.


B: 1.50 carat, D color, VVS1, EX, EX, EX. Fluorescence None.


On the GIA cert., both has a slight inclusion on the Table. The one on A is said to be a "crystal" on the cert, the latter a "pin point".


On the GCAL cert, both rocks are rated Excellent in terms of Brilliance and Optical Symmetry.


B is 14% more expensive than A.


Is one grade better in Clarity and the absence of Fluoresence worth the 14% difference in price?Which one would you recommend in terms of Value for Money and Investment Value?

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