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Your Thoughts On A Princess Cut


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I just paid the deposit on this dimaond becasue I felt comfortable with the price and my family has purchased from this deal for over 10 years.


Ill copy all of the information from the certificate. Also please see my very amature drawing of the Referance Diagrams.



Square Modified Brilliant (Princess)



Carat: 1.02

Color: G

Clarity: VS1


Polish: Very Good

Symmetry: Very Good

Fluorescence: None


Table: 72%

Depth: 73.3%

Cutlet: None


Price: $5,500



Please tell me how I did. Be honest, my feeling wont be hurt!


Thank you! Your website and community was the first place I learned about dimaonds.


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Price-wise, you are in the middle of the range for princess cuts with same colour/clarity/weight. Whether you did well depends on two things:


1. Do you (and does she) love the stone? Only you can answer

2. Is it a well cut or poorly cut stone for a commercial buyer? No way of telling without having more info.

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