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Halo Mountings


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Hello, well I have finally found a diamond! I went to the jewelers to find a mounting. I fell in love with this halo mounting. Now here's my concern. (even though the ring is being mounted as I write)... The mounting was for a 6.5mm stone. My stone is a 6.2 - 6.3mm. He said he could still put that in this particular mounting. I have read that a halo mounting is only for the size stone that it requires and cannot / should not be made to fit a smaller stone. I trust him, and he has done all my work in the past. Should this be a concern? Will my .86 ct look funny in this 1.00 ct mounting? Could the stone get loose? I have also seen on several sites that do custom work, where the mountings descriptions will say; "fit's a 5.2mm - 5.6mm", so what's the difference. He said at first glance, that he could put something,(a metal ring?) in the mounting to pull the prongs in if necessary?? Do you know anything about this? Thanks!

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Well, 0.2/0.3 mm are generally OK from a safety/security point of view. You may get a small air gap (depending on how precise the 6.5 mm fit was in the first place), but it's hardly going to be visible unless the setting already had a fairly wide one to start with.


As to whether it will look funny, it depends on how good the jeweller is and how the setting is constructed in the first place, as well as the precise proportions of your stone. The only one who can judge is you, and the only one who can help you is a competent bench jeweller who has both the stone and the setting in hand.


Sorry that I can't help more.

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Oh... Picked up the ring today. Absolutely Gorgeous! Breathtaking at least.... My fabulous jeweler took a white gold rim and inserted it just inside the prong area. The air gap, you speak of, you really can't see. If you stare at it, and really study it for a long, long time, you can see the ring. Kind of looks as if there is a teeny tiny bezel rim then the halo. I have seen many online and just about all of them have some small open area between the prong and halo. Very minimal. They showed me a halo that would fit my .86 ct. exactly, and none of us liked it. It looked like my stone was covering the inside edge of the halo. I am so pleased with it. It is so beautiful! Thank you for your response. And you are right about having a competent, and capable jeweler. Mine is. Happy Girl!

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