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Need Advise On A Diamond


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Help please

I'm going to buy a engagement diamond.

However,I am confused about the clarity grading by GIA certification since I saw a diamond which was graded SI1 without any symbols in the diamond drawing. (down the GIA certification)

Comment says: Clouds are not shown.Pinpoints are not show.

I can buy this diamond for 400$. Please help me to make a choice

Here certificate: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/7/ebayauctions12711007.jpg/


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The diamond you posted has the inclusions plotted on the report. There are feathers, needles and a crystal noted.


$400usd is a good price for a .54ct Heart H SI1. Still, make sure the vendor has a good return policy so you can have the diamond checked out to verify it matches the report.

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Looking at the plot I doubt the clouds and/or pinpoints will be very significant. The SI1 grade is most likely from the feathers, crystal and needles. SI1 typically should be eyeclean, but those inclusions are pretty concentrated, which is another good reason to have a good return policy in case you are not happy with the diamond.

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The symbols are there - they are the red "squiggles" in the middle (and in one corner) of the stone. The extra facet is harder to see - it's on the crown, lower left side.


If inclusions are not plotted, they are minor in area and visibility compared to the grade-setting inclusion.


The grade setting inclusion is usually listed first, though in this case it's hard to understand if it is the cluster of crystal and feather under the table or the two longer feathers in the upper right, one of which seems to go across the girdle.


The price is reasonable for a consumer-to-consumer sale; the questions are: 1) Is it well cut? 2) Are the inclusions very visible? Unfortunately, neither question can be answered without seeing the stone (or at least several good photos of it).

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