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Want 1.25 - 1.5Tcw Round Stud Earings - Advice On The 4 Cs


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I would like to purchase 1.25 - 1.5 TCW round stud earings. I have been researching the different Cs and have become confused with all of the information. It's enough to make me want to run out and buy them from Tiffany's. (just joking).


I want to maximize the sparkle. What is my best combination of clarity, color, etc to make them sparkle like beautiful diamonds should?


Now my confession, I have been reading about diamonds for months, but I haven't actually gone out and looked at any. I am so terrified of the hard sales pitch and the stories of shady sales people that I have not subjected myself to it. I have read the huge department store sales are rip off - jewelry marked up significantly before the 50% off sale starts - plus, looking at "the Cs", if any are provided on the website, do not seem the quality of diamond that I want. Even if a store has good recomendations on websites like Yelp, I am still leary, as I have heard of stores writing and posting their own raving reveiws. Basically, all of my research has made me shopping gun shy - and thus my Tiffany's comment.


I will gladly go smaller to get the sparkle that I would like, so I actually lowered my expectations down from 2TCW. I would like to stay in the $7000 range.


I appreciate your comments and feedback.

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It is possible to go it blind and never set foot in a store but $7000 is a LOT of money and, frankly, I suggest you just get over it and go shopping. Leave your credit card at home, go visit some stores and look at some real diamonds. Jewelry salespeople aren't evil and they don't bite (most of 'em anyway). Most people seem to get a better shopping experience at the smaller standalone type of store rather than at the mall but a visit to Tiffany's isn't such a bad idea. You're looking for an education, not to buy anything after all. Who cares if they're a bit expensie? They do sell good merchandise and it's a good way to get a feel for what you like, what you can see and what you can't, etc.

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Clarity and colour are within large bounds irrelevant in terms of sparkle. Cut is what is going to make (or kill) the stone.


Spending $7000 for a pair of studs is plenty to get you some nice stones - stick to GIA-graded ones, and aim at those with "Excellent" cut grades.


You should be able to save money on your budget with a pair of 0.65 G/SI1/EX or thereabouts, if you want something that looks sparkling, white and not visibly included (which on earrings is less of a concern). To get something significantly larger (around 0.90), I think you'd have to get down to K, which will be appreciably warmer, or accept some visible inclusions and get a pair of I/SI2.


However, all this is theory, and I second Neil's suggestion heartily - go out and look. Ignore the sales patter, and find out what you like in terms of colour, cut and the extent to which you mind (or not) inclusions being visible.

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